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How To Use Shrink Wrap For Soap

1. Cut the bottom edge of the shrink wrap bag with a heat sealer. 

When you look at the shrink wrap bag, you will notice that the bottom edge has been sealed. Next to the seam is an extra strip of plastic. Use your heat sealer to cut off this bottom edge. Using the heat sealer:
Plug in the power and turn on the heat sealer.

Turn on the heat sealer and place the bag between the blades.
Close the heat sealer, just like a paper cutter.
Wait 2 to 3 seconds, then turn on the heat sealer.

2. Insert the soap into the pouch, making sure it is centered. 

Some people find it helpful to place the business card on the back of the soap while sliding it into the bag. This will help hold the bag flat when inserting the soap. However, if you do this, be sure to take the card out of the bag. 

If the bag seems too use shrink wrap big to fit the soap, don’t worry.

This method also works for round, disc-shaped soaps. It is not recommended for other shapes, such as hearts or stars.

3. Seal the top and sides use shrink wrap of the bag.

Open the heat sealer and place the top edge of the bag between the blades. Clamp the heat sealer firmly, wait 2 to 3 seconds, and then open. If the bag is too wide to hold the soap, slide the soap to one side of the bag and heat seal the other side. 

Place the soap close enough to the heat sealer blade so that it bumps against the edge of the outer frame. This will bring the blade as close to the soap as possible.

There will be a small gap between the edge of the soap use shrink wrap and the seam of the bag. This is fine.
Every so often, scrape the heat sealer blade clean with the top/blunt edge of the X-acto blade.

4. Use a heat gun to heat the front, back and side edges of the soap.

Get out a craft grade heat gun and turn it on. Aim the nozzle at the soap and heat all sides of the soap until the plastic shrinks. 
Start with the side edges and use shrink wrap work your way to the front.

Don’t worry if the seams are loose and wrinkled. You’ll fix it in the next step.
Don’t use a hair dryer; it’s not strong enough. You can get a heat gun from the embossing section of a craft store.

5. Reheat the sides while rubbing on a flat surface.

Take out a hard, flat surface, such as a wooden cutting board. Heat one side of the soap with the heat gun and rub it on use shrink wrap a flat surface. Repeat this step for each side of the soap. 

You only need to do this on the side with the seam.
If your soap is disc-shaped, do 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) at a time along the circumference of the soap.

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