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How To Use Machine Stretch Warp Film

  1. Any time you adjust machine stretch your machine wrap to accommodate a new load, make sure you start with the wrapping arm speed or turntable. Then work at the proper speed that the pallet can handle. Failure to do so may result in reloading a dropped load.
  2. Next, set the bottom and top wrap counts, and set the film overwrap on the top of the load. Start with “2” for the bottom count and “2” for the top count.
  3. Then adjust the speed of machine stretch warp film transport system down and up. Unless recommended in the user’s manual, start with approximately 6 inches of overlapping film tape.
  4. Finally, the winding force can be adjusted. The goal is to apply as much machine stretch force as possible without distorting the load, crushing the load, or damaging the film
Machine Stretch Warp Film

After wrapping, you can use the machine stretch measurement tool to measure the containment force at the bottom, middle and top of the load. You should adjust the settings and repeat the previous steps until the desired containment force is obtained.

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