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Silicone paper, isolation paper, anti-adhesive paper and so on called in fact said a release paper, just a variety of different called it. It is in a laminated paper coated with a layer of silicone oil called laminating liquid only, in the selection of silicone paper above the equivalent of a college entrance examination process, by the geographical, weather, technical and other factors, various manufacturers produce silicone paper more or less will have a slight difference, but we choose silicone paper can be carried out from the following aspects.

choose Silicone Paper

Choose silicone paper from the following four aspects

  1.  The characteristics of the goods used: when we choose silicone paper, we can choose according to the characteristics of the goods used, because the nature of the goods used is not the same, so the performance characteristics of the choice of silicone paper will be different.
  2. The use of silicone paper quality: this point is mainly reflected in the stability of the character of the silicone paper and in the harsh environment is the aging degree, such as products in the harsh transportation process need to maintain the balance of the product, can not appear products and silicone paper combined with easy to fall or tear off the phenomenon.
  3. The cost of silicone paper: although there is a big difference between domestic and imported silicone paper, and the domestic silicone paper is not very good mouth beer, but the domestic silicone paper than imported silicone paper has the advantage of cheap, taking into account the scope of use of goods, the use of geographical, product profits and so on to carry out the selection of what kind of silicone paper.
  4. The production process of silicone paper: this is the focus of the choice of silicone paper, in the production process of silicone paper whether to stamping or cutting, generally involved in stamping or cutting, will require the thickness of silicone paper, because the low grammage of silicone paper used in stamping, not easy to punch off, of course, this is also related to the fragility of the backing paper, fragility of bad backing paper in the stamping or cutting time will tear the paper and products.
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