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How To Check Bopp Tape Quality

A high viscosity tape is good. Of course, this cannot be the only evaluation criterion, 
because some poor quality tapes are shipped with longer viscosity and do not stick together after a period of time. High quality tapes cannot do this.

First look at the thickness of the tape tube. 

The thickness of a standard paper tube is 3mm. If you look at the diameter of the paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8 cm
Smell the tape. If the smell is check bopp very heavy or smelly, the quality is very poor.


Check the surface of the tape, including whether the sides of the tape are sticking to your hands and whether there are gaps. 
Good quality tape does not check bopp stick to the sides and there are no gaps.
Check the surface of the tape for air bubbles. A good quality tape is rolled tightly and has no air bubbles. Of course, if the tape is newly manufactured, there may check bopp be some air bubbles.


Check the tension of the tape.

If the check bopp tape breaks particularly easily, it is of poor quality. A good tape does not break easily when a good clear film is used.
The most important thing to check is the viscosity of the tape.
There are many ways to check this. You can seal the box with tape and then remove it abruptly. The more the surface of the box peels off, the higher the viscosity. You check bopp tape quality can also pull a long piece of tape, divide it in half, fold it in the middle, fit it perfectly, and then pull it up suddenly. If the tape pulls up continuously or part of the tape breaks during the pull up process, the bond is strong.

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