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How To Apply Shrink-Wrapping To Outside Furniture

Shrink-wrapping can refer to rolls of film used to secure mobile furniture or to industrial film used to protect boats and other large items from the deteriorating effects of cold winter weather. No matter which type of packaging you use, you can shrink-wrapping your outdoor furniture individually or pack them in piles.

If you’re using industrial shrink-wrapping designed for outdoor storage, make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby and wear heat-resistant gloves as you use a heat gun to shrink wrap and tighten it to your furniture stored outdoors.

Clean up the area you’ll be working in. Your apply deck or yard is a great place to work. You can do this on your porch if you have enough space, but you need space to walk around your furniture and use shrink wrap. 

Clear a work area and allow yourself to move at least 10-15 feet (3.0-4.6 meters). Remove any outdoor rugs, planters or garden fixtures that might get in the way of work.


If you’re using a roll of shrink-wrapping to wrap furniture for apply a move, you don’t need to use a heat gun. This means that you can do this inside if you want. However, you still need plenty of room to work.
If you work outdoors and use industrial shrink-wrapping , don’t do so on a windy day. It will be very difficult to heat the wrapping without risking a fire.

If you’re wrapping the first pieces of apply furniture individually, stand them up. You can shrink-wrap the furniture individually or bundle them together. To pack individually, stand the first piece of furniture up so that it is in the same orientation as when it was used.

If you are packing furniture because you are moving, this is the ideal way to pack furniture.
If you want to protect your furniture from the weather, it doesn’t matter if you pack your furniture individually or stack them in bundles, but packing each apply piece individually requires more work.

Stack your furniture together and bundle them into bundles. To shrink-wrap your furniture for the winter, stack them together if possible. If you are packing a table and chairs, put a blanket on the table and stack the chairs upside down on top of it.

 If you’re just packing chairs, stack them on top of apply each other. Feel free to pack your furniture however you want to stack it, or to minimize the amount of space it takes up.


Peel or cut off the shrink wrap and press it into the furniture. Once every part of your outdoor furniture is covered, tear off the film apply and press it into any part of the plastic film that is already adhered to the furniture. If the film is too thick to peel off by hand, use a knife or scissors to cut the film.

Plastic film is designed to apply adhere to itself. 
You do not need to heat the shrink wrap to hold it in place.

Repeat this process for each item if it is to be wrapped individually. Once you have finished wrapping the first piece of furniture, 

set it aside or place it next to other items that are ready to be moved. Then, put your next piece out and stand it up. Repeat the packing process using the moving film. Continue packing your furniture until each item is ready to be moved.

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