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The use of a high quality food paper

For pastry food manufacturers, food quality is particularly important, which is related to the business development of enterprises. Besides the food material itself, food wrapping paper is also one of the main factors affecting the taste quality and appearance of pastry, including the baking paper, steamer paper and other food paper used in baking. For the long-term development of enterprises, manufacturers need to choose a batch of high quality available food paper.

Food pape

Safe and healthy food paper without distortion

  • I believe that many manufacturers have experienced that the quality of food paper is not up to scratch, resulting in the production of pastries that are either burnt and mushy, or deformed and unsightly, etc. This not only affects sales, but also affects the customer’s trust in the brand. Therefore, when choosing a steamer tray, manufacturers must keep their eyes peeled and choose a safe and healthy food paper that is not deformed. The silicone paper in the box we produce is 40g food grade silicone paper, which is not scorched or mushy when baking food, heat and baking resistant, not easily deformed and can also be reused.
Food paper

Features of our silicone paper

  • The silicone paper we produce in this box adopts silicon coated on both sides, the color is white and natural, and the main material is 40g grade silicone paper. Thin paper, good air permeability; High temperature resistance and no fade cooking; No heavy metal, no fluorescent agent, more importantly, waterproof, oil and sticky, do not worry about the cake deformation. And our boxed silicone paper customer is used as steamer paper, bag bottom paper, baking paper, barbecue paper, barbecue paper, boxed silicone paper, various shapes of paper cups, candy paper, etc., with a wide range of applications.
What is silicone paper

Although there are many inferior food paper in the market, we always insist on making the best food grade silicone paper, only for the customer’s peace of mind!

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