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Food-grade silicone papers can help you save energy

Silicone paper gives the impression of a white translucent sheet of paper on top of a pan in a self-service grill, used to separate the presence of food from cooking utensils. Why put silicone paper?

Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy

food-grade silicone papers

  • Silicone paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, baking resistance, waterproof and oil-proof, non-sticky, and good flexibility, not easy to deformation damage. Silicone paper has many uses, and the use scenarios are also very rich. It is not only used in professional restaurants, but also in your own kitchen. We will teach you some tips for kitchen life to make life more convenient.
Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy


  • Friends who like to use it as if they are making baked goods will stock up on aluminum foil at home. Aluminum foil foil can withstand high temperature baking, the shape of the variable, but generally there will be the problem of sticky food.
  • In this respect, the baking silicone paper made of food-grade silicone papers is more excellent, not only avoids the problem of sticky food, but also saves the energy to clean the baking pan, making it easier to clean.
Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy

Wrapped Candy

  • When it comes to baking, nougat, the latest Internet celebrity in the baking world, is definitely on the home do-it-yourself to-do list, and since it’s candy, it needs to be wrapped in candy paper for storage. The candy wrappers sold in the market are waxed paper, but the waxed paper has poor heat resistance and cannot be used directly when the syrup is poured, which is very inconvenient and increases the difficulty of cleaning the mold.
Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy
  • This time you can use the best slightly paper produced with food-grade silicone oil paper candy wrappers, food-grade silicone oil paper hot oil, after molding, nougat and silicone oil paper easy tear easy separation, when packing size can also cut the silicone oil paper into wrappers, bandaging nougat, using silicone oil paper candy, because of the characteristics of the silicone oil paper is not sticky, Can save the packet glutinous rice paper a layer of effort and cost.
Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy

Cooking space

Food grade silicone paper also has the characteristics of resistance to steamed cooking, steamed buns or cakes at home, you can spread a silicone paper on the steamer or steaming plate, anti-stick effect, and strong air permeability, steamed buns are easy to pick up after cooking, and easy to clean.

Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy
  • Since it is a Chinese kitchen, how can we get less stir-fry. Food-grade silicone papers is good news for stir-fries. Pork belly, skin chicken and other meat in the grease is more, the need to dry fry to open the grease, so that the wok is very easy to paste, and the difficulty of cleaning greatly increased.
  • We suggest that, in fact, you can put a layer of silicone paper in the wok, and then fry the meat, so that the pan is not easy to get burnt, and when the grease comes out, you can pull out the silicone paper, and it becomes much easier to clean.
Food-grade silicone papers

I believe that through the above sharing, you have a general understanding of the use of food-grade silicone papers, so where can you buy it?

As a professional supplier in the field of food-grade silicone papers, we are committed to providing customers and consumers with reliable products, while ensuring that manufacturers can adopt a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient production method.

Food grade silicone paper helps you save energy

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