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This cupcake cup made from food-grade silicone paper is not only safe, but also removable for use

In the last article, we talked about baking paper made of food-grade silicone paper. Because it is made of food-grade raw wood pulp imported from Norway and Sweden, the paper is pure and does not contain fluorescent agent. However, have you seen cake cups made of silicone paper?

Modern consumers pay more attention to food safety than ever before, and bakery executives are bound to pay more attention to the quality and safety of bakery products when choosing them. As an upstream manufacturer in the food industry, we have developed a cake cup with higher safety level for bakery stores through professional product research and development — a cake cup made of food-grade silicone paper with rolled edges.

cupcake cupfood-grade silicone paper

Our strengths

Compared with other rolled cups, our product does not use the material of PET film paper to produce, but uses food-grade silicone paper with higher weight. It is more environmentally friendly and safe, harmless to human body, and can be called a real green product. In addition, there is no need to bake cupcakes, so it can be directly used.

This roll cup is suitable for baking all kinds of cakes

This roll cup is suitable for baking all kinds of cakes. You can choose any material of 60G imported greaseproof paper, 70G imported silicone paper and 75G imported silicone paper. The size is 50mm*38mm, and you can also contact us to customize the printing pattern and size if necessary.

cake shop

As a professional supplier in the field of food grade silicone paper, we are committed to providing customers and consumers with assured products, while ensuring that manufacturers can adopt a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient production method.

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