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Can't find a reliable supplier of food grade silicone oil paper?

Our Advantages of food grade silicone oil paper?

Our company was founded in 2016, is a professional food grade silicone oil paper, baking silicone paper, steamer silicone paper roll wholesale manufacturers. And according to the customer’s request to provide cutting, processing and printing one-stop service.

Our paper industry has strong technical strength

  • Our paper industry has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, strong product development ability and production technology force. The technical content and quality of the products are in a leading position at home and abroad.
  • At present, our independent production and processing products are mainly food-grade silicone paper, as well as food-grade silicone paper extension products, including baking cake paper holder, kitchen cleaning paper, candy paper, candy bag, hamburger paper, etc. At the same time, we can help customers to cut, process and print on request.
food grade silicone oil paper

In terms of production equipment

  • In terms of production equipment, our paper industry has a large slitter machine, cutting machine, various types of cake cup forming machine and punch several sets. Production and processing of all kinds of food grade silicone oil paper, lattice steamer paper, baking paper, pad paper, greelproof paper, food wrapping paper. Applicable product range is wide, production experience is rich, and has a professional technical team, in order to ensure that each product quality qualified at the same time, to do on time delivery.
  • In terms of product export, we supply to foreign customers for a long time. The foreign markets are all over Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Middle East, and supply to local supermarkets. The company can be engaged in all kinds of processing, OEM processing and other business. Guangdong Brio paper products have passed THE QS test certification, to ensure product health, qualified, safety.
What is the difference between food grade silicone paper and waxed paper?
  • Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the customer as God, to the company image as its own responsibility, to product quality as the premise, to good service for the purpose.
  • Under the guidance of the enterprise concept of integrity, efficiency, professionalism, development, self-encouragement, mutual assistance and unity, we strive for perfection and progress, and strive to make our products and services perfect. Always adhere to the quality of survival, product development and development, constantly improve production technology, strengthen quality management, the product quality is the life of the enterprise concept deeply into every work of the enterprise, so that the products of the enterprise in domestic and foreign customers enjoy a high reputation.
  • The value of our paper industry is quality first, customer achievement, integrity, diversity and win-win. As a professional supplier in the field of food grade silicone oil paper, our paper industry is committed to providing customers and consumers with assured products, and at the same time ensuring that manufacturers can adopt a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient production mode, providing professional production of food packaging paper and household paper.
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