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Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       In the past decade, many new technologies have emerged in flexographic printing, such as closed doctor blade box, ceramic anilox roller, gearless servo drive, UV printing, high pigment ink, Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      Thin plate printing and digital plate making technology, which ensure the steady improvement of flexographic printing quality. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      The application field of flexographic printing in China has increased significantly in the packaging of products such as liquid packaging boxes, paper cups, folding cartons, beverage bags, milk boxes and cigarette labels. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       Flexographic printing technology is also used in the printing of flexible substrates such as paper, self-adhesive labels, plastic films and aluminum foil.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       The more prominent aspect of flexographic printing process is the on-line production of flexographic printing press.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       The production line includes polishing, indentation, bronzing, die-cutting and other processing processes. In addition, offset printing, gravure printing and silk screen printing units can be added to the flexographic printing unit in the form of modules.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       In the printing process of on-line flexographic press, due to reducing the operation process, improving the production efficiency and reducing the cost, these advantages are fully shown in the actual production.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

The advantages of flexographic printing can be illustrated from the following aspects:Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

1、 Reduction of raw material cost

Flexographic printing is fed by web, so it has the following advantages:

1. The purchase price of web paper is 4-6% lower than that of single sheet paper.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

2. For sheet fed printing, 10-12mm undercut and 2-3mm trailing edge shall be reserved for each paper, but this edge is not required for web paper, saving about 2-3% of the total paper.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

3. If flexographic printing is used, due to less transparent printing of water-based ink, foreign flexographic printing originally used 52 grams of paper, but has changed to 46 grams, saving 10% of paper.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

4. Printing after shutdown, the ink transfer of anilox roller can reach the standard after 1-2 turns of ink color. Compared with offset printing, it must print 4-5 papers to reach the standard after shutdown, which reduces the generation of waste sheets.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

2、 On flexographic printing line production

      Integrating different printing technologies and processes into the on-line production of a flexographic press to obtain integrated production effect will achieve good economic benefits. Compared with single machine operation, the production cost is greatly reduced. Specifically include:Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

1. After the surface polishing and film coating processing are online, a special polishing machine can be saved, which not only reduces the equipment investment, but also saves the expenses of machine operators, and can obtain high profits.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

2. After the integrated production of bronzing, embossing, indentation, die cutting, waste removal and other processes, in addition to the above advantages, Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       it also saves the installation and operation site of machinery and equipment and the logistics transportation and stacking between processes, improves the labor productivity and greatly reduces the labor intensity.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

3. Flexographic on-line production: offset printing unit, gravure printing unit and silk screen printing unit are added between the units. A printing product is mixed and printed by several different methods.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      The product has a variety of characteristics and good picture quality, more anti-counterfeiting characteristics, simply and economically meet the requirements of customers, with less investment and good effect.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

         Integrated production makes the production preparation and production planning process extremely simple. The short processing cycle combined with high-speed production means a very short response time to the order, making the delivery faster, more timely and more accurate, and more favorable to attract customers.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      Combined production reduces the cost of personnel arrangement, product storage and logistics. The elimination of excessive storage reduces the working capital used, is conducive to the investment in enterprise reproduction, and brings vitality to the operation of the enterprise.

Advantages of flexographic printing process    Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      Flexographic printing process is different from other printing processes. Flexographic printing shows certain advantages in production cost, economic and social benefits:Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

        Flexographic printing has the strongest adaptability to printing materials. It can be widely adapted to paper, composite materials, self-adhesive, gold, silver and aluminum foil, various plastic films and even corrugated board, regardless of its thickness, thickness and surface ink absorption performance. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       There are many kinds of printing methods that can not be compared with any other printing method. Although it is impossible to print all kinds of printing materials on one machine, as long as flexographic printing method is adopted, better printing effect can be obtained.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

        The printing pressure in flexographic printing process (because the plate is flexible and elastic) is very small (known as: zero pressure), plus the excellent stability of the ink amount on the mesh hole of the textured roller, it is possible to print excellent products. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      For example, in 2003, China participated in the international flexographic printing quality evaluation, and the snow picture printed with 202 wire flexographic printing won the Bronze Award. In 2005, jinshengtang folding cigarette box won the silver award in the quality evaluation, which is a good example.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      The water-soluble ink for flexographic printing does not contain organic solvents, heavy metals and other substances harmful to people, so it is called “green printing”. Water based ink is very important for the printing of food, medicine and other product packaging. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

      There are laws and regulations in Europe and the United States that the packaging and printing materials shall not contain harmful substances and shall not harm people. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

     In recent years, I have often heard of the return of goods due to the non environmental protection of domestic packaging. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

        In late July this year, the Shanghai Television News reported that the Shanghai food quality supervision and Administration Office tested two Shanghai food processing packaging bags, announcing that the content of toluene per m2 should not exceed 3 mg,Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

        The use of packaging bags exceeding the standard is prohibited, and the printing factories exceeding the standard should stop production. The water-based ink for flexographic printing is a good way to solve this kind of problem, and its economic and social benefits are also self-evident.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       Compared with offset plate making, the production cost of flexographic plate is considered to be much more expensive. Plate making cost, flexo is based on ××/ Cm2, offset printing is priced by each sheet according to the size of the printing drum. Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

       When the format is large and there are few patterns, flexo can install the printing plate by means of local collage, which not only reduces the burden of plate material price and narrows the gap with offset printing, but also has one of the characteristics of relief printing.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

        Lithography and gravure printing cannot be operated in this way, especially when printing large corrugated board.Flexographic Printing And Its Cost

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