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120g double-sided release paper How to use release paper

120g double-sided release paper is a kind of release paper, the same are composed of the base paper plus lamination plus silicone oil, the difference is that the double-sided release paper has a 5-layer structure, while the general release paper only needs 3 layers, let’s get to know, the end of the article will also introduce how to use the release paper for everyone.

Double-sided release paper awareness

As we mentioned at the beginning, ordinary release paper has a three-layer structure, which is divided into the original paper, lamination, and release agent. The double-sided release is double-sided, so both sides of the paper need to be laminated and coated with silicone oil; the five-layer structure of double-sided release paper is the original paper, laminated on both sides, and coated with silicone oil on both sides; it is called double-sided release paper. Some special manufacturers require printing during the production process, and the production process is to print on the original paper first and then laminate and coat with silicone. Double-sided release paper coated with silicone oil on both sides, so it is two-sided oil, moisture, anti-adhesive paper products, generally used in double-sided adhesive review; at the same time to prevent one-way prepreg horizontal cracking, another role is to prevent the prepreg from being contaminated, to provide convenient surface marking, so it is also often used as a protective film backing paper.

Double-sided release paper

The difference between double-sided release paper and single-sided release paper

Double-sided release paper is divided into three types: light release type, normal release type, and heavy release type. It is a common type of Grassian release paper in daily life. It is also known as release paper and anti-stick paper. Double-sided release paper is coated with a special surface layer of clay after coating the release agent, production and double-sided surface release paper, because its surface is flat and particularly good toughness, is widely used to do bar code labels; at the same time, double-sided release paper on the silicone oil has no physical properties of affinity, silicon coating process using a coating machine will be coated with silicone in volumes of other materials on the surface, forming a silicone oil layer, called silicone oil paper (film), so as to To achieve the role of non-stick, oil-proof, is the main material for the production of oil-proof paper, anti-adhesive paper, release film.

Single-sided release paper in most because the paper surface has paper hairs and fibers, so the silicon coating must be to a certain amount to ensure that there is no penetration point. In most cases, it is used together with sticky materials. It has high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and plays a role in isolating the product. Single-sided release paper is actually a single-sided release paper with moisture-proof function, commonly used in barcode labels, electronics, industrial, with high temperature resistance and prevent adhesion of the role of more than made of paper coated with anti-adhesive substances, is a common paper for packaging. The type is distinguished according to the difference of material, thickness, elongation, single and double-sided.

laminated papers

Usage of release paper

The use of release paper should be targeted according to its advantageous characteristics; for example: high temperature, moisture, oil, generally used in the food industry packaging
Packaging. -General release paper: moisture, oil, product isolation, it is suitable for electronics, automotive foam, printing and other industries; its scope of use and most of the sticky together, especially tape, so, generally to use tape products will be used to release paper. Including not limited to chemical, food, life, pharmaceutical packaging, paper and other categories, including food, life and pharmaceutical packaging, etc., only after the correct understanding of what to use the paper can be clearly known where.

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