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Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

Desk calendar is a very common small object in people’s daily life. When the new year comes, people will buy it. So, what are the key points to pay attention to when printing desk calendar?Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

Style of desk calendar printing,Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

     When the desk calendar is printed, the first thing to know is the style of the desk calendar, such as horizontal or vertical desk calendar. Do you need to bind iron rings? In printing design, first you need to determine the style.Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

Materials printed on desk calendar,Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

      When making a desk calendar, an iron ring is usually used, but the size of this iron ring is also different. The diameter of the iron ring is larger than that of the desk calendar, so it is easy to read.Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

      Most of the bookbinding desk calendars are made of cardboard. If you want to keep them from deformation for a long time, you should use high-quality cardboard. Some cheap ordinary desk calendars use ordinary paperboard. Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

      The paperboard hardness and durability of the paperboard desk calendar are very good, so it can not be easily deformed for a long time. Then the printing quality of ordinary cheap paperboard is very poor.Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

     The desk calendar printing paper is also very key. Generally speaking, coated paper is very good. Don’t choose too thick paper.Precautions for Desk Calendar Printing

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