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Always worried about the safety of baking paper?


  • Now the concept of health is deeply rooted in people’s minds, consumers will not only pay attention to the freshness of the food itself, but also pay attention to the packaging, especially bread cake, which needs to be baked at high temperature. People will pay more attention to the safety of its packaging.
  • In daily life, cupcakes are the most common type, many paper cup manufacturers in the market in order to whiten the paper cup, often use fluorescent agent, but fluorescent agent has been listed as one of the potential carcinogenic factors, it should not be taken lightly. If paper towels, cups, popcorn buckets contain fluorescent agents, long-term use will certainly cause harm.
Always worried about the safety of baking paper? This cupcake is fluorescent-free and oil-proof
  • Considering the safety of food, we specially developed non-toxic non-fluorescent cake cups, which meet the national food safety requirements and can be used safely.
  • Security has, but the cake always through the serious how to do?
  • It is true that cakes made with paper cups without oil-proof effect are always severely oil-permeable, which affects the beauty of cakes. However, this paper cup adopts high-quality oil-proof paper and is resistant to high temperature of 220℃. The oil-proof effect can reach level 7, which is better than cake paper trays without oil-proof effect.
  • As a food QS certificate of professional paper manufacturer, we have been for consumer safety, strive for the safety of the packaging equipment, in addition to the cake cups, we also produce PET high baking cup, cup, flanging cup, water cup, the goblet of fire, etc., can design for customers to develop new products, samples, made contributions, and provide all kinds of packaging, To meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers.
Always worried about the safety of baking paper? This cupcake is fluorescent-free and oil-proof

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