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Why are cakes produced by businesses prone to deformation?

There could be a problem with the cupcake cups used

All kinds of small cakes have almost become one of the indispensable delicacies for students’ party and office workers’ afternoon tea. However, with the change of the concept of The Times, taste is no longer the only standard for evaluating cakes. Whether the packaging of cakes is delicate and lovely and attracts attention has become one of the standards for consumers to choose and buy. In order to increase sales, many businesses are more inclined to choose food silicone paper with quality and safety printable patterns when choosing cake cups or rimmed cups.

cupcake cups

Paper cups for cakes on the market

Many cupcake cups or rolled cupcake cups and flanged cups on the market advocate that they are made of food silicone paper, which can be oil-proof, waterproof, high-temperature resistant and not deformed. Many businesses also order for these characteristics. But in fact, when these cake cups are really baked together with the cake, problems such as oil seepage and deformation emerge in endlessly, affecting the sales of cakes and making businesses distressed.cupcake cups

cupcake cups

Case description

  • The sales department of a food company  has been using the domestic oil-proof paper cup before purchasing our high-cupped hat, but actually the water-resistance of oil-proof paper holder is not so good, so the sales of the product has not been ideal. Later, after many investigations, WE found that our food paper was developed by using food-grade silicone paper. After the first use, we found that the sales volume of the product began to increase steadily, so we developed long-term cooperation and regularly purchased each month.
cupcake cups
  • Our oil-proof high-flanged cake cup is made of 70G imported silicone paper or 75G imported silicone paper as the original material. It can be used directly without baking mold. Compared with other rolling cups, this product does not use the material of PET film paper to produce, but uses high weight greaseproof paper or silicone paper to produce, which is more environmentally friendly, safer and harmless to human body. In addition, our oil-proof high-flamed cake cup makes use of its multi-layer fold shape to make the silicone paper support better hardness and the cake paste bearing more reliable;cupcake cups; Top hat brim is more considerate to consumers, so that cake crumbs are not easy to get hold of.
cupcake cups

Although there are many inferior food paper in the market, we always insist on making the best food grade silicone paper, only for the customers’ peace of mind. Make your food taste better by choosing ours!

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