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What is the coloring process of stretch wrap film?

Normal stretch wrap film is a packaging method formed by winding the film at room temperature through a mechanical stretching device or by manual stretching. Stretch wrap film from stretch wrap film manufacturers is tightly packed for products and easy to transport and store. Stretch wrap film is usually produced with imported resin and advanced flow diffraction film extrusion process, followed by the coloring process of stretch wrap film.

Coloring Process of Stretch Wrap Film

The coloring process of stretch wrap film is a very important one in the production process of stretch wrap film. Next, learn about the coloring process of stretch wrap film according to the requirements of stretch wrap film manufacturers.

coloring process of stretch wrap film

One of The Coloring Processes for Stretch Wrap Film is Instrument Color Matching

This is a method of color matching rolled film using an instrument. It uses measuring instruments such as photometers to replace the functions of the human eye and brain. Through computer simulation, the process of testing and collecting color ratios is completed without actually mixing the plastic.

coloring process of stretch wrap film

One of The Coloring Processes for Stretch Wrap Film is Visual Color Scheme

The method requires mastery of the general laws of colorants in mixed coloring, and a clear understanding of the properties of colorants used such as hue, color light, fluidity, heat resistance and chemical stability, as well as the accumulation of many representative plastics.

coloring process of stretch wrap film

The coloring process of stretch wrap film is qualified

  1. Automated optical inspection systems have become an important monitoring tool to ensure 100% compliance of stretch wrap films. The new technology format inspection technology uses line scan cameras to identify defects on the format or paper. Images are acquired by a high-resolution digital camera, and high- and low-contrast defects are reliably detected by a dedicated optical module. Recognition software then identifies defects in stretch wrap film and classifies them as gels, black spots, dirt, wrinkles, bubbles, etc. In summary, the online inspection process of stretch wrap films is very important.
  2. The film is wrapped around the pallet to encase all objects on the pallet, and then two heat grippers heat seal the film together at both ends. This is the older form used and more packaging forms have been developed. Full-width packaging requires that the rolled film be wide enough to cover the pallet, which has a regular shape and therefore has requirements for use. In the physical packaging process, it can be divided into manual packaging and pallet mechanical packaging,.

The Packaging Principle of Coloring Process of Stretch Wrap Film

  1. 1、The suitable thickness of winding film is 17~35μM hand packing This kind of packing is a relatively simple packing. The winding film is mounted on the rack or held by hand and rotated by the pallet or wrapped around the pallet. It is mainly used for repacking after the damage of packaged pallets, as well as ordinary pallet packaging.

    2、The suitable winding film thickness is 15~20μm; pallet mechanical packaging is one of the more common and more widely used forms of mechanical packaging. The pallet rotates or the film rotates around the pallet, and the winding film is fixed on the bracket and can be moved up and down.

    3. The thickness of suitable winding film is about 15~25μm; horizontal mechanical packaging is different from other packaging. It rotates around the item by winding the film.

    4.Forming compact, space-free monolithic units, each pallet is packed tightly, effectively preventing products from misaligning and shifting against each other during transport. At the same time, the adjustable tension allows hard products to be tightly bound and soft products to be tightened, especially in the tobacco and textile industries.
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