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Color Essentials Of Packaging

       The color on packaging is the most active factor affecting vision, so packaging color design is very important.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Color Essentials Of Packaging

Determine total tone    Color Essentials Of Packaging

       Whether the overall feeling of packaging color is gorgeous or simple depends on the total tone of packaging color.Color Essentials Of Packaging

       The total tone is embodied directly according to the basic color attributes of hue, lightness and purity. Such as bright tone, dark high tone, fresh tone, gray tone, cold tone, emphasis, weak tone, soft training, hard tone, heavy tone, etc.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Area factor    Color Essentials Of Packaging

       In addition to hue, lightness and purity, color area is an important factor that directly affects hue. Color matching first considers the arrangement of large-area color, which has a long-distance visual effect in packaging and display.Color Essentials Of Packaging

        In addition, when the contrast between two colors is too strong, the area of one color can be expanded or reduced without changing hue, purity and lightness.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Visual recognition   Color Essentials Of Packaging

      Visual recognition is about the clarity of color matching levels. Good visual recognition is very important in packaging, advertising and other visual communication design. Color Essentials Of Packaging

      On the one hand, visual recognition depends on the eye-catching degree of color itself, on the other hand, it depends on the contrast relationship between colors.Color Essentials Of Packaging

         Its principles and methods are also introduced in detail in advertising design, which can be used for color design of packaging and decoration.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Accent color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

       Emphasis color is the key color in the total tone, which is considered by the combination of area factor and visual recognition. Color Essentials Of Packaging

       Generally, the lightness and uniformity are higher than the surrounding colors, and the area is smaller than the surrounding colors, otherwise it will not play an important role.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Interval color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

       The use of interval color refers to the use of another color in the middle of adjacent and strongly contrasting different colors, such as interval or sharing, which can strengthen coordination and weaken contrast. Color Essentials Of Packaging

       The interval color itself is mainly neutral black, white, gray, gold and silver. If a color interval is used, it is required that the interval color is quite different from the separated color in hue, lightness and purity.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Gradient color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

        Gradients are gradual changes in color, hue, lightness and purity. Gradient color has a harmonious and rich color effect, which is widely used in the color processing of packaging.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Contrast color    Color Essentials Of Packaging

       Contrast color is different from strong color matching. It is a color with similar area and hue brightness. This color has strong visual effect and advertising.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Symbolic color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

        This is a conceptual color that does not directly imitate the color characteristics of the content, but is applied according to the common understanding of the majority of consumers.Color Essentials Of Packaging

          It is mainly used for the expression of a certain spiritual attribute of the product or the expression of the idea of a certain brand. Color Essentials Of Packaging

      For example, the packaging of Chinese cigarettes uses the color symbolizing the Chinese nation – red.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Sign color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

         The logo color mentioned here is not the color of the trademark, but the color used to distinguish the packaging of different types or different types of products of the same kind.Color Essentials Of Packaging

          For example, different colors are used to distinguish the packaging colors of different components of daily chemicals of the same brand.Color Essentials Of Packaging

       In terms of treatment, the area, shape and position should be changed.Color Essentials Of Packaging

Auxiliary color   Color Essentials Of Packaging

       This is the color opposite to the emphasis color. It is an auxiliary color method to adjust the total tone or emphasis color, so as to strengthen the tone level and achieve rich color effects.Color Essentials Of Packaging

        In the design process, we should pay attention not to seize the host and the guest, and not to abuse blindly.Color Essentials Of Packaging

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