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Common coffee packaging laminated paper

packaging laminated paper is referred to as sponge paper. It is processed using materials with advanced technology, precise cutting, flat ends, no interfaces and consistent elasticity. Our sponge foam paper is tough, evenly coated and of consistent quality, making it a widely used packaging material today.

coffee packaging laminated paper

Coffee packaging bags are available in a wide variety of materials. Don’t think that coffee packaging is the same as the small green bags you usually see, in fact the world of coffee packaging is very exciting. The raw material for the manufacture of coffee packaging bags is laminated laminated paper, which can be stored for up to two years because it ensures that the coffee beans are not oxidized and that the aroma is not lost and has enough strength to ensure that the packaging is not damaged by air pressure.

Common coffee packaging laminated paper

Different kinds of coffee packaging materials are different, the general raw bean export packaging material is relatively simple is the ordinary sack material. Instant coffee packaging also does not have special material requirements, basically using general food packaging materials. Coffee beans (powder) packaging due to anti-oxidation requirements will generally use opaque plastic composite materials, as well as more environmentally friendly laminated paper composite materials.

laminated papers
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