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Coated kraft paper

What is Coated Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a generic term for a paper with a grammage between kraft paper and cardboard. There are various products of kraft paper, plain kraft paper, coated kraft paper, hanging kraft paper, single-sided kraft paper and double-sided kraft paper. Coated kraft paper, generally white on one side and kraft on the other, ranges from 175 grams to 450 grams. The product produced by using coating technology on the basis of kraft paper is called coated kraft paper.

Coated kraft paper

Features of Coated kraft paper

  1. Environmental protection
    Coated kraft paper is natural brown backing, wood pulp fiber is not bleached does not pollute the environment, packaging waste paper can be re-produced, melting decomposition.
  2. Wide range of uses
    Coated kraft paper according to the different needs of printing and packaging production of a total of three products. The surface of the cardboard is bright and smooth, and the printing effect is perfect for beautifully designed toy packaging, electronic products, small household appliances, wine, beauty products and personal hygiene care products packaging.
  3. With high burst resistance, high tear resistance and damage resistance
    Coated kraft paper can replace corrugated cardboard packaging with outstanding results, and is widely used for auto parts, household appliances, cosmetic boxes, hardware and tool packaging. The moisture-proof and freeze-proof card with the function of freezing does not deform by freezing, and the tearing degree is much higher than the general cardboard. Therefore, it can be used for the outer packaging of cold drinks, frozen foods, bottled or canned beverages that need to be refrigerated. All three types of coated kraft paper comply with FDA standards and can be used in direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals without contamination or unpleasant odors, so they are completely safe and sanitary for chocolate and candy, cookies and pastries, pharmaceuticals, fast food boxes, pastry and other products.
Coated kraft paper

Characteristics of lightly coated white kraft paper

In order to make it easy for printing and packaging manufacturers to overcome the challenges of printing production, a lightly coated white kraft paper was introduced between white kraft paper and heavily coated paper. Lightly coated white kraft paper is coated with a very thin coating layer on top of white kraft paper, and the coating is applied using an air knife type coating method that allows the paper surface to be treated smoothly. It has the printing advantages of coated paper, but also has the characteristics of easy printing of white kraft paper. Since the coating of lightly coated paper is very thin, the thin coating does not break and fall off easily. The coating can be kept very uniform. The high-quality coating based on porcelain clay allows the ink to be better absorbed on the paper surface. Such paper printing after the ink can be quickly dried in a short period of time, the ink dries quickly can improve the printing production efficiency, and can even be directly printed pressure line slotting, in some ink printing machine with drying device can be connected to the line folding or die-cutting production.

Coated kraft paper

Development of Coated kraft paper

Coated kraft paper,commonly known as white kraft paper in China, coated kraft paper is one of the fastest growing varieties in China’s paper market in the past 10 years. As a printing substrate, coated kraft paper belongs to the higher products in the cultural printing paper category, which is the paper made from the raw paper of printing coated kraft paper after coating and finishing processing. In recent years, foreign low-definition coated paper has emerged. Because of the low fixed lining (total fixed lining not more than 6Og), low cost, good printing machine, commercial printing and publishing printing users have a strong attraction, popular for periodicals, magazines, newspaper advertising inserts, supermarket catalogs and other purposes of printing.

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