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Chestnut bag laminated paper

Definition of Chestnut Bag Laminate Paper

Chestnut bag laminated paper; generally all wood pulp paper is used, especially in the food packaging industry, if you choose straw pulp paper, there will be a lot of paper dust and easy to break the edge when die-cutting.

The characteristics and process of making a Chestnut bag laminated paper

The practice of chestnut bag laminated paper is relatively simple and easy to understand, the plastic particles coated on the surface of the paper composite material through the cast machine, the main feature is that this composite material can be oil-proof, waterproof (“relative”), can be heat-sealed.

Chestnut Bag Laminate Paper

Daily use of laminated paper

Laminated paper is a composite material in which plastic particles are coated on the surface of paper by a cast machine. Maybe the three words of laminated paper are a bit strange to us ordinary people, but it is inseparable in our daily life, such as chestnut bags, coffee packaging bags, cake bags, hamburger bags, melon seed bags, barbecue packaging bags, salt packaging, cookie packaging, tea packaging, desiccant packaging, mothballs, laundry detergent, preservatives, medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary medicine packaging, are often used.

Chestnut bag laminated paper

Characteristics of laminated paper

The main feature is that this composite material is oil-proof, waterproof (relatively) and can be heat-laminated. Different uses take on different characteristics: when used to package burgers, it takes on the characteristics of oil resistance. McDonald’s is 80 degrees of edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil leakage. When used for copper plate paper order packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used for automatic packaging machine packaging is to take the characteristics of its can be heat-sealed.

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