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How much do you know about chemical laminated paper?

Characteristics of chemical laminated paper

Chemical laminated paper is a composite material in which plastic particles are coated on the surface of paper by a cast machine. The main feature is that this composite material is oil-proof, waterproof (relatively) and can be heat-laminated. Different uses take on different characteristics: when used to package burgers, it takes on the characteristics of oil resistance. McDonald’s is 80 degrees of edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil leakage. When used for copper plate paper order packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used for automatic packaging machine packaging, take the characteristics of its can be heat-sealed.

Single-sided laminated paper

we often see laminated paper, such as laminated paper for trigger paper and laminated paper for equipment. It can also be seen in the food packaging industry. Single-sided laminated paper is available in rolls in addition to flat sheets, and has good oil-proof characteristics, which prevents oil from penetrating.Single-sided laminated paper is made of safe pe film with advanced laminating technology, and the original paper is laminated with different grammage of film and then evenly coated on the surface of the paper after hot melt, forming a very thin layer of pe film.

Classification of chemical laminated paper

(1), Grassian (backing paper for Grassian) silicone paper: high temperature resistance, moisture-proof, oil-proof, generally used for food industry packaging.

(2), ordinary release paper: moisture-proof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation.

Applicable industries: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc. It is used mostly and has a sticky special together, especially tape. Therefore, the general use of tape products will be used to release paper.

chemical laminated paper

Application areas for chemical laminated paper

  1. Chemical: desiccant packaging, mothballs, laundry powder, freshness preservative.
  2. Food products.
  3. Wooden products: tongue depressor packaging, ice spoon packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton swabs.
  4.  Paper: copper plate paper packaging, lightly coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper).
  5.  Life category: wet wipes bags, salt packaging, paper cups and papers.
  6. Pharmaceutical packaging: medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary medicine packaging.
  7. Other categories.

Classification of laminated paper

It is usually classified according to plastic laminated paper and non-plastic laminated paper; it can also be classified according to silicon coated silicone laminated paper and non-silicone paper laminated paper. Different uses take their different characteristics: when used for coffee bags, take its resistance to breakage characteristics. Therefore, it is a single-sided laminated paper is more common and commonly used.

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