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Several characteristics of release paper

 Release paper, also known as silicone paper or anti-adhesive paper, is mainly used to isolate objects with stickiness and is mainly used in the tape industry, with three main characteristics

One of the characteristics of release paper is that it is moisture resistant and temperature resistant

As most of the release papers contain silicone oil, which has a certain temperature resistance, generally the temperature of silicone oil can reach about 150 degrees, so Kai Cheng release papers have better moisture resistance and temperature resistance.

characteristics of release paper

Another characteristics of release paper is the peeling power

Peel-off force refers to the ease with which the product can be peeled off and is measured in grams. There are generally three procedures, light, medium and heavy release. Light release means that when the release paper is laminated to the tape guard it can be peeled off easily, while medium release is not very easy to peel off and heavy release is very difficult to peel off. The peel strength of our release papers can be customised according to customer requirements.

A final characteristics of release paper is the high level of cleanliness

This refers to the cleanliness and appearance of the product, which is determined by the working environment of the Dongguan release paper manufacturer. At present, the company has eight production lines, producing products with a natural advantage in terms of the cleanliness of the release paper.

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