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The customer complained that the cake was easy to grease, which was related to the food wrappers used by the cake shop

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In this era of personalization, when consumer is buying a cake, tend to be attracted by the appearance of the cake, first after tried, taste will be to keep his stomach, and this is why more and more cake shop will use beautiful food wrappers to decorate the cake, so as to attract the attention of consumers, arouse their purchasing desire.

cake shop

Current market situation

Unfortunately, in the mixed market, many inferior cake cups under the slogan of “high quality”, successfully deceived many cake shops.

The high price of low-quality cake cups, are generally use inferior material, high temperature resistant, not easy to bake a cake, affect the taste of the cake, and through oil and sticky, is not convenient consumer consumption, on the security front don’t accord with the standard of production of the food wrapping paper, which can affect the health of consumers, this a series of problems will eventually affect the cake shop business.

cake shop
  • In order to prevent the inferior cake cups unscrupulous behavior in the market, we as food grade silicone oil mill, developed a fine decoration of gold and silver paper cup cake, this is the material of gold and silver paper cup cake with PE film paper, heat-resistant temperature of 220 ℃ / within 30 min, can directly into the oven bake, without the pan, can save cost for cake shop, Oil proof and sticky proof, convenient for consumers to take the hand to eat, with uniform air permeability, and effectively isolate water, so that the cake baked faster.
  • The food contact surface of gold and silver cake paper cup adopts single-sided film covering, wave design at the mouth of the cup, beautiful and even, the bottom of the cup is closely connected with the body of the cup, not easy to break, the bottom of the cup is concave design, easy to pick up, uniform thickness of the paper, food grade wrapping paper meets the national food safety requirements, safe and assured.
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Our services

  • We take into account the personalized needs of cake shops, can be customized according to customer needs on size, color and so on.
  • From the selection of ingredients to the production, and then to the finished cake, every step of the heart to do, the production process is indispensable food wrapping paper is a good helper of baking lovers.
  • We are with you, responsible for the safety of food packaging paper, and would like to enjoy the baking process with you.
  • Although there are a lot of inferior food wrappers in the market, we always insist on good product quality, only for a customer’s peace of mind.
  • We have strong technical strength, advanced production technology, strong product development ability and production technology force. The technical content and quality of the products are in a leading position at home and abroad.
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