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Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

         When using solvent ink, silver ink is more stable than gold ink, and the printability is better than gold ink. When using water-based ink, because aluminum powder is lively and easy to form oxide film on the surface, Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

       will be released by interaction with water, which will affect the stability of color paste, so it is not as common as gold powder printing in practice.Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

      In order to ensure the purity of ink, when printing gold and silver ink in the last pass, wet the mesh with 783, clean the layout, and then apply ink after the solvent is completely volatilized. Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

        Because when gold and silver ink encounter some uncertain factors, they will react and cause ink discoloration.Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

         Due to the poor fluidity of gold and silver ink, ink blending oil or slow drying agent is often added to increase the leveling of ink during printing, and drying oil should be added while adding additives.Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

       Gold ink can be added with about 1% red dry oil; Silver ink is generally added with white dry oil and red dry oil, with an addition amount of about 1.5%;Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

        Or add mixed dry oil in silver ink, with the addition amount of 1% – 1.5%. Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

       The actual addition of methyl silicone oil is more effective and defoaming.Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

         Benzodiazole, which is mixed in the emulsion paste without directly adding people.

 Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

      However, a small amount of yellow ink can be added to solvent based ink to prevent darkening due to the formation of oxide film. Mitur is commonly used in printing.Blending OF Old And Silver Ink

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