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Rarely do you make a simple sandwich. If they do, many people will consider using a food storage bag. But while they are convenient and can be reused or recycled, the word “plastic” inevitably raises questions about the environment. Handmade beeswax cling wrap uses antibacterial beeswax and jojoba oil as a coating on organic cotton, alleviating the guilt of not only eating junk food but also creating it!

beeswax paper

Materials for making beeswax paper

Handmade beeswax wrap, the main materials include organic cotton fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and resin. Using the anti-bacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil instead of the chemical coating of paper bags, the freshness and reusability of the food is guaranteed. There is no major difference in use to normal food wrapping paper, simply choose the right cling paper to seal the food

Precautions for preserving beeswax paper

As beeswax melts when heated, it is best to keep food cool before wrapping. Washing must be done in cold water with a neutral detergent, dried naturally, folded and then stored in a cool place, such as a drawer. During the wrapping process, the paper material will tend to mould with the temperature of the hand. The wrapping should therefore be kept close to and at a distance from the food. In addition to food, it can also be used for dishes and is suitable for cold food habits abroad.

beeswax paper

Advantages of beeswax paper

Environmentally friendly packaging made from beeswax replaces disposable food packaging such as plastic bags or film and promotes the ‘zero waste’ movement. Beeswax paper is non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable and washable and has a lifespan of approximately one year. Beeswax is waterproof and breathable and has antibacterial and preservative properties, helping to reduce food waste. In addition to its ecological value and the quality of the food it keeps fresh, the packaging also has an attractive and interesting design.

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