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Application fields of a stretch film

Packaging Application range of stretch film applications for food plants, pharmaceutical plants and sterilized tableware

First, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and sterilized tableware manufacturers mainly use packaging film to prevent moisture from affecting the items, while sterilized tableware is designed to prevent dust.

Application range of stretch film for manufacturers of sporting goods, crafts and gifts, printed products, etc.

Application range of stretch film
Application range of stretch film

Secondly, it is the manufacturer of sporting goods, craft gifts, printing products, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and so on. Packaging film is used as the outer packaging of various products, which not only shows transparency, but also can increase the attractiveness of the products’ appearance, and can replace various cartons, which saves the packaging cost and meets the packaging trend.

Application of stretch film in building material factories, chemical plants and other factories

This is followed by factories such as building material factories, chemical factories, glass product factories, ceramic factories, food factories, and wineries. Many manufacturing companies also use stretch application range of stretch film to protect their goods in the import/export trade.

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