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Awareness and application of laminated papers

 As we all know, the packaging materials available on the market today mainly consist of two types of packaging: paper and plastic; the areas of use are also different.

For example, “Plastic type packaging materials are widely used in packaging fields such as medical materials, electronic products and shoes and bags because of their high strength and performance.” “And paper packaging materials are more often used in food, handicrafts, stationery and so on.” Today, we bring you one of the paper packaging materials – laminated papers.

laminated papers

What is laminated papers?

Before answering this question, we need to understand the packaging paper (bleached chemical wood pulp as raw material, by the high viscous pulp, heavy sizing, copying in the thin page type paper machine, and by the super calendering manufacturing), containing more fibers, filling amount is very little; because of its complex manufacturing process, different from the general paper, so the printing effect is peculiar, can make the printing graphics with fresh, with moisture and breathable effect; and laminated papers is the PE particles after high temperature melting laminated on the original paper cooling and become, have very good oil, water, moisture, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.

Applications of laminated papers

It is widely used in many industries, such as the outer packaging of tea, disposable paper cups, KFC hamburger bags, bread bags and many other food packaging; at the same time, desiccant packaging in the chemical industry, tongue depressor packaging in the wood products industry, toothpick packaging and cotton swabs are all widely used in laminated paper, which shows its popularity.

Characteristics of laminated papers, differences

In paper, plastic, metal and glass four packaging materials, paper packaging materials are the most common, while the price is cheap; paper or cardboard-based paper packaging, with low cost, easy processing, more environmentally friendly, non-polluting, easy to recycle, renewable and other advantages, whether in the transport packaging cartons, or for the sale of products such as packaging cartons, are preferred to paper, which is particularly prominent in the “food laminated paper”.

laminated papers

The main function of laminated paper is to protect against moisture and bacteria and oxidation; it is resistant to tearing and puncturing, and has good resistance to oil, moisture, water and impact; its main structure determines its role in waterproofing. When used for food packaging, it automatically takes on the characteristics of oil resistance, when used in the packaging of coated paper, it takes on the characteristics of water resistance, when used in the packaging of automatic packaging machines, it takes on the characteristics of heat sealing.

Nowadays, more and more businesses in the food industry are using laminated paper as packaging, and national leaders have always advocated the concept of green, so laminated paper bags have become increasingly popular. After the implementation of the “Plastic Restriction Order”, laminated paper bags will become more and more popular and widely spread and used. It can be seen that laminated paper bags in our daily life, but also gradually play an important role in the impact.

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