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Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

        With the continuous progress and development of digital process, inkjet printing technology has become an important technical means in the field of digital printing because of its low cost and good environmental protection.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       Inkjet printing equipment mainly includes: small inkjet printer, large format inkjet printer, inkjet printing system, etc. As a product of digital and computer technology, inkjet printing covers some printing markets that cannot be involved in traditional printing, and gradually expands to many fields. The market prospect is very broad.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

Application status of inkjet printing technology in China

       The starting time of China’s inkjet printing industry is not far from that of foreign countries, but there is still a big gap compared with the United States, Japan and other developed countries in R & D, production, marketing and application. Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       In terms of regional distribution, it is mainly concentrated in economically developed Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. At present, the application of inkjet printing in China is in a polarization situation.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

        One end is the low-end market. Most of the equipment used are non production inkjet printers. Most of the printed live parts are short version black-and-white, with a small amount of color. The other end is the high-end market. Most of the inkjet printing equipment used by practitioners are production inkjet digital printers. Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

        Printing is not only ultra short version color prints, but also many personalized and variable data printed color prints. Customers of such digital printing companies pay more attention to quality and service, and have high requirements for color and printing quality.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

In addition, with the continuous improvement of inkjet printing resolution and speed, several application branches have been formed.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       As the output equipment of digital camera, it directly outputs digital photos, forming a competitive situation with the traditional analog photography and photo development process. Although the current price of inkjet digital printing is high, the market will further expand with the reduction of cost.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       Inkjet digital proofing machine or output machine. The proofing effect of this equipment is close to the printing effect. Many publishing houses output proofs in this way for proofreading and evaluation of manuscripts, so as to adjust the printing equipment and improve the printing quality.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       Inkjet printers have entered the short and fast printing market, become the main model competing with small lithographic printers, and seize the market share at an unprecedented high speed. Now many foreign manufacturers have participated in the competition.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       Digital inkjet printing equipment has entered the large-scale advertising inkjet printing market, challenging the traditional screen printing field. This printing method has been widely used in street advertising, body advertising, light box, plaque and so on.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       The inkjet printer has good anti-counterfeiting effect when used online. Generally, manufacturers with small economic strength can spray date and other information on the key parts of the package by skillfully using the inkjet printer, which can play a certain anti-counterfeiting role. Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

       The combination of inkjet printer and anti-counterfeiting ink has better anti-counterfeiting effect. The online use of inkjet printer has the function of design and investment anti-counterfeiting, and the anti-counterfeiting ink has the function of secret anti-counterfeiting. The combination of the two has a triple anti-counterfeiting function.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

Advantages and constraints of inkjet printing technology

1. Advantages of inkjet printing technology

(1) Inkjet printing is a kind of digital printing, which is completely separated from the cumbersome procedures of traditional printing process. It has low requirements for color overprint and trapping, does not need to consider registration accuracy, short operation preparation time, rapid response to the market and short operation production cycle. It can complete the production of digital sample and short version with very high time efficiency and cost efficiency.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

(2) Variable data printing and customized printing can be realized, and the image information can be changed at any time to meet the user’s short print live parts and personalized printing needs, such as personal photo album, product description, data, trial products, packaging samples, etc.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

(3) Printing on one sheet can reduce waste, and the printing service is more flexible. It usually has an advantage within 1000 prints.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

(4) Digital features make it easier to introduce digital integration technologies such as digital asset management, automated workflow and color management.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

(5) It can realize remote printing and provide remote printing services through Internet transmission. It is especially suitable for fast printing of cross regional chain operation.

(6) Most inkjet printing technologies are non-contact printing, which can be copied on a variety of substrate materials, such as variable inkjet printing on a variety of commodity production lines.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

(7) The digital web ink-jet printing equipment is not limited by the paper length, and can realize the reproduction of large format and panoramic works.Application of Inkjet Printing Technology

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