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Introduction Of The Advantages Of The Winding Film Packaging Machine

  1. Wrapping film packaging machine, also known as stretch film wrapping machine or stretch film wrapping packaging machine is a fully automatic stretch film wrapping machine that uses stretch film as the packaging material to meet the packaging requirements of cargo consolidation storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations.
  2. From the structure of the equipment can be divided into tray wrap film packaging machine, cylinder wrap film packaging machine, cantilever (rocker) wrap film packaging machine, horizontal stretch film wrap packaging machine; from the film frame structure can be divided into pre-stretch film wrap machine, automatic stretch wrap machine.
  3. Our winding film packaging machine advanced technology, widely used in pallets, food, beverage, cartons, wooden boxes, freezers, refrigerators, winding film packaging machine is used in many industries winding packaging machine, so what advantages does it have in normal operation?
Winding Film Packaging

Advantages of winding film packaging

  1.  film winding packaging machine has the advantages of improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency. Film winding machine has the advantages of improving the impact of the product packaging itself.
  2. the use of film winding packaging machine has the advantages of reducing labor intensity, because the packaging machine is mainly used for bulk packaging, there is generally no manual packaging of bulk goods, only the winding machine can solve this problem. It is conducive to the labor protection of workers, as well as some serious health effects, such as dust and toxic products.
  3. winding film packaging machine has the advantages of reducing packaging costs and saving storage costs. There is the advantages of simple operation and easy to use packaging effect; there is the advantages of neat packaging, the machine strictly implements the design parameters of the program, thus greatly ensuring the neatness of the product and avoiding the leakage of manual packaging or unsound packaging. Wrapping film packaging machine packaging, more convenient transportation of goods, can prevent damage to the goods in the loading and unloading process.

So how to improve the quality of the winding film packaging machine equipment?

  1. To ensure the reliability of the winding film packaging machine parts. For critical components, should be planned and calculated to withstand the load alternating stress, strength and stiffness and fatigue limit of the central part of the component, or test verification, and to ensure the operational reliability of the winding.
  2. Cut welded parts and add castings as appropriate. Many parts of the wrap-around packaging machine must be marked for service, and the planning basis must be consistent with the equipment basis. If not marked for service, the grade must be specified, and the process must be controlled within the scope of service.
  3.  Reduce the planning of non-standard parts and increase the use of common parts. Many non-standard parts are already planned, or they do not pass the reliability plan calculation and do not pass the internship inspection. Problems arise very simply, and generic parts have been used in many applications to prove that they are safe and reliable. Therefore, generic parts should be used in wrap-around packaging machines whenever possible. The use of common parts can also reduce the production costs of the winding machine, and shorten the planning and production cycle.
  4. Pay attention to the reliability of the connection between the winding film packaging machine components planning. Wrapping film packaging machine parts are well made, the connection between the parts is better. Parts or the connection between parts must be accurately positioned, firmly fixed to avoid loosening and displacement, and can not rely on a single bolt or screw connection, a single friction to position unreliable, but there should be a plan to assume the shear and lateral forces.
winding film packaging

The above is an introduction to the advantages of the wrap-around film packaging machine.

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