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7 reasons to use parchment paper

1 - Even baking.

One of the reasons to use parchment paper is even baking.Not all baking pans are created equal. Depending on the metal and construction used, some pans are better at distributing heat evenly over the entire surface. Others tend to have areas of heat and coolness that cause baking problems. Using parchment paper to create a thin layer of ventilation between the baking pan and the paper helps to regulate the temperature and neutralise hot spots.

Reasons to use parchment paper

2 - Reduce undesirable proliferation.

One of the reasons to use parchment paper is reduce undesirable proliferation. There’s nothing worse than a greasy looking flat biscuit. Parchment paper gives the biscuit dough something to hold on to, for a fuller biscuit that doesn’t spread too much. When the biscuits are thicker, they will also be softer in the middle.

3 - Elimination of adhesions.

Biscuits baked on parchment paper slide right off the baking sheet. A parchment-lined cake pan allows the cake to be easily turned out of the pan without sticking to the bottom.

Reasons to use parchment paper

4 - Clean cut.

Ever wondered why the chocolate cake and bar in the photo look so perfect, while yours is squashed or messy around the edges? If you line your pans with parchment paper before baking, you can easily remove the whole snack from the pan through the edges of the paper. This allows for neat, straight cuts without getting in the way of the sides of the pan. Try casserole dishes too! (PS Wiping the knife with a damp paper towel will also keep the edges of the brownies clean!)

5 - Clean up.

Hate scrubbing burnt crusty bits off large pans and baking sheets? Me too. Lining pans with parchment paper makes cleanup a breeze! Throw away the dirty parchment paper and rinse the pans in warm water. I use parchment not only for baked goods, but also for roasting meat and vegetables for a quick and efficient clean-up.

Deruna parchment paper

6 - Insulation.

Wrap fish, poultry and meat in a parchment envelope before roasting to create a steam bag that will gently cook the meat. This will produce a moist and soft texture and reduce the chances of overcooking.

7 - Breathe easy.

While foil and cling film keep out the air, parchment allows the food to breathe slightly when wrapped. This means that the outer shell stays crisp rather than becoming soggy.

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