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Advantages of food grade silicone paper

Deruna 71BTcrptXtL. AC SL1500

Advantages of food grade silicone paper

  Food culture is an indispensable and important part of people’s daily life. silicone paper with the continuous development of food culture with the progress of society, the food accessories are also improving together.

  Speaking of what silicone oil paper is, everyone certainly doesn’t know it. In fact, silicone oil paper is something that everyone often sees, such as some foods wrapped in special paper, such as moon cakes. Silicone oil paper is a kind of wrapping paper that we often use in our lives. Silicone oil paper has good moisture-proof, oil-proof and high-temperature resistance characteristics. Generally, the structure of silicone oil paper is a three-layer structure, the first layer of bottom paper , The second layer is coated, and the third layer is silicone oil. It is often used in the current food industry, and there are many types of silicone oil paper. 

What is the role of silicone oil paper?


  1. Food packaging. Silicone oil paper is a good food packaging material, it has the function of high temperature resistance, moisture and oil resistance.
  2. Isolate the product. Silicone oil paper has good moisture-proof and oil-proof characteristics, and is very resistant to high temperatures, so it can be used as a tool for separating products from other products.
  3. For printing. Silicone paper has a good oil-repellent effect, and the texture is much tougher than other paper materials. Silicone paper can also be used in the printing industry.
  4. Electronic product packaging. Silicone paper is very resistant to oil and oil, so silicone paper can be used for packaging electronic products.
  5. Silicone oil paper can be used for automobile foam.

 Wax paper is processed paper coated with wax on the surface, and the wrapped things can prevent moisture. Very high moisture resistance and water resistance and grease penetration resistance. The base paper should maintain sufficient dryness before replacement to ensure the penetration of wax liquid. cloth. It can also be replaced by solvents or tanks, or in the dryer section of the paper machine or on the calender. The base paper is mostly made of kraft wood pulp. 

Most Helpful Reviews

Vicky Adames@Money worth
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Really good I wear them to clean to cook to protect my hair from cleaning chemicals also wear this to disinfect rooms real good Thanks worth the price 👏👏👏👏👏👏
bojo@Does the job!
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They came in a timely manner. Durable, but very thin. Does the job they need to do.
Hilbre-Island-for-me@Highly useful
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This is a super cap especially nice for everyone including those with longer hair.
Karen Dickey Goley@Great for filters
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Are use these on all my air vents in the front of my fans and inside my air conditioner filter because I’m allergic to dust mites and boy do they work easy to change and toss when they’re dirty
Shelby McGalliard@Good choice
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I chose these because they look just like the ones we use at work. This size is popular at work so we are always running out which is why I started buying a pack to keep in my locker. The last pack I bought about 3 months ago and I just ran out.
Amanda Korobkin@Amanda Korobkin
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There the ones I was hoping for (better elastic).. just they are ginormous.
Mandi@Great for the curly girl method!
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I snagged a pack of these to wear to bed over my wet hair since I'm giving the curly girl method a try and they've been working great! I also used them for deep conditioning with my blow dryer and they didn't melt or get tangled up.
Gabby@Perfect for nurses
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I’m a nurse at a hospital and our facility is no longer providing hair covers, even if we have COVID patients. I purchased this and it’s perfect for isolation rooms. It’s not too thick so it isn’t too hot.
Chez Mic@Does the job well!
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This are comfortable and very breathable. They served their protective purpose, keeping hair in and were a pleasure to wear as they are completely odor-free. Recommend!
Jessica G@Great hair nets for a great price
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It fits very comfortably, I use them when I cook in the kitchen and I’m happy for the quantity and the price.
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