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What is the use of paper doilies?

When it comes to paper doilies, many people will think that when ordering a plate of fried food in a restaurant, when it is delivered, a paper doilie will be placed on the bottom of the plate.
In fact, as a decorative paper, the role of paper doilies is of course not only as simple as embellishment. In terms of the shape of the entire plate, the function of the paper doilies cannot be erased.
Paper doilies is used as a medium to separate the food and the utensils, which can prevent the grease in the food from contacting the plate, making cleaning more concise.
And because of the special and exquisite lace design, paper doilies are used as handicrafts.
Doilies make the cutest crafts. Many people already have these beauties in their homes either on display or tucked away in a closet or drawer. Doilies are delicate, feminine and look beautiful. If you love adding a sweet vintage look to your craft projects, then you might want to consider doily crafting.
Scrapbookers will discover that adding bits and pieces of paper doilies to their layouts give a beautiful old-world feel to their memories. Card makers find that doilies work well for card crafting too. Crafters have even made wall art from doilies. Paper doilies have hundreds of uses. Your imagination only limits you.You can use paper doilies for any of the following projects.

Paper Doilies
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Paper Doilies
Paper doilies

An Easy Spring Centerpiece

Nothing says spring is here more than tulips. Place a bunch of tulips into a mason jar, wrap with a paperdoily and tie with a string like the one shown here from Yellow Bliss Road. A beautiful way to add a touch of rustic beauty to your home decor in seconds.

Paper Doily Banner Party Decor

Celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day with this doily banner. It is made from paper lace and kraft paper, then embellished with some pink fabric flowers and ribbon. What a beautiful and special way to tell your Mom just how much you appreciate her on her extraordinary day.

Paper Doily Covered Books

Doilies aren’t just for placing under objects as table decor. Do you have old books that you no longer want? Why not add a touch of whimsy by painting old out of date books and decoupaging with doilies just like Live Love DIY demonstrates. Use them as coffee table books with a twist.

Paper Doily Party Decor

Doilies can be glued together to make hanging paper ball decor for parties. What makes these doilies stand out is the fact that they have color and texture. Can you believe that these vibrant colored ornaments are dyed with food coloring?

Paper Doily Party Decor Ideas

The next time you have a gathering for your girlfriends, such as a baby or bridal shower, honor them with a sweet doily place setting. Nothing says feminine more than these lacy paper napkins and the adorable matching tags.

Paper Doily Heart Banner

Craft and dollar stores sell doilies that are heart-shaped. These paper hearts are so easy to string into a lovely banner. Celebrate Valentine’s Day or any day with these simple but beautiful flags.

Paper Doily Decoupaged Bottle Tutorial

Bottles will give you an excuse to drink more wine. Instead of throwing your bottles into the garbage, recycle them into lovely vases. Just add some paper lace doilies onto the bottles and you will end up with some of the loveliest flower containers you have ever seen.

DIY Doily Paper Christmas Tree

It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas crafting. Make this beautiful winter wonderland forest featured on paper doilies. This decoration will turn your house into a magical winter wonderland.

Doily Snowflake Bowl

This doily snowflake bowl would make a beautiful decoration for a bridal or baby shower. It might even work well as table decor for a winter wedding. If you are planning to use it as a candle holder always remember safety first. It might be a good idea to use a battery operated tea light instead of a regular candle.

Doily Wall Art

Do you have empty wall space in your home that needs artwork but you’re on a budget? Doilies to the rescue. Hang them on the wall for some inexpensive yet impressive wall art.

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