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What IS Smart Paper

    With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more paper plays a very important role in daily life.What IS Smart Paper

What IS Smart Paper

1. What is wisdom paper?

     It is one of the most prominent scientific and technological products. Its appearance and feeling are very similar to thick coated paper, but it is actually a controllable display screen. It combines the advantages of paper and screen and countless applications.What IS Smart Paper

2. How to make smart paper?

     There are several manufacturing methods. Some manufacturers embed thousands of tiny black-and-white spheres between two polyester films, while others are made of crystal particles, which can present a certain color and light and dark level, and can maintain the performance of the image without power.What IS Smart Paper

3. How many versions of smart paper are there?What IS Smart Paper

There are two versions: Standard Version and advanced version.What IS Smart Paper

4. What are the characteristics of standard smart paper?What IS Smart Paper

       The Standard Version wisdom is the early tl8, which can not change rapidly. Although its surface can change many times per second, it is not fast enough for video images, and its resolution is not high enough,What IS Smart Paper

      which is about the same as a letterpress newspaper. The standard smart paper only has a very simple sensor to measure the movement of the pen tip on the surface. What IS Smart Paper

     Its function is like simply touching the screen, but it can only use the smart pen to write and can not respond quickly. If the user puts a writing board under it, the reaction speed can be accelerated.What IS Smart Paper

5. What are the characteristics of advanced smart paper?What IS Smart Paper

      The advanced version produced after tl8 and before tl9 has a resolution similar to that of modern high-quality art books, and can quickly change the image and display the video image with perfect quality.What IS Smart Paper

       The advanced smart paper is equipped with a small knowledge device, which can sense the movement of the pen tip of a special electronic pen (50 dollars a dozen) or smart pen. Its handwriting recognition quality depends on the connected computer of the smart paper.What IS Smart Paper

6. How about the power used by smart paper?What IS Smart Paper

     It requires only tiny amounts of electricity, all of which comes from tiny solar cells in the corner or cover of the book. Smart paper can retain its content without power, and the image quality will not degrade for months.What IS Smart Paper

7. What are the relevant products on the market?What IS Smart Paper

     Its related products include: datacloth, smart book, book computer, smart wallpaper and so on. This is only the beginning, because it is still developing in the future. All smart paper may be mistaken for normal paper. In fact, there are usually different brands and structures.What IS Smart Paper

8. What is datacloth and what is its price?What IS Smart Paper

     It is a single chip high-level smart paper with processor. The price of an 8 “X11” is about $5. A looped book with a small amount of storage media reader and cable plug connector for loading data costs $30 and its empty weight is 1 pound. It’s cheaper to buy the whole book because most of the technology is on the cover.What IS Smart Paper

9. What is a wisdom book and what is its price?What IS Smart Paper

      A smart book is a book whose pages or covers are all made of smart paper. These books are attached with data transmission cables. They need to be connected to the computer, but the book body is only a display device. Main specifications of Wisdom Book:What IS Smart Paper

Size cover storage capacity weight price (US)

     Small (about pocket book, 3 “* 4”) 30-40 pages soft faced loose leaf polyester 200MB 0.35 LB 75

     Medium (about magazine, 8 “* 11”) 90-110 pages hard faced polyester or leather 5GB 0.5 LB 100

Large (about octave, 11 “* 16”) 50-70 pages hard faced polyester or aluminum sheet 25gb 2 lb 400

*     The price is standard smart paper, and the price of advanced version is doubled. If the cover is not included, it is half the price. The cover material can be decorated with more expensive materials.What IS Smart Paper

10. What are books and computers and what is their price?What IS Smart Paper

      It uses computers such as tiny or small, with smart paper as the interface. The hardware is usually hidden in the hard cover of books, and most of them deliberately thicken the cover to cover up the interface and related components. What IS Smart Paper

     Books and computers include the cost of smart books and related computers, as well as the weight of smart books and computers. Most books and computers use advanced smart paper. As the price has not been obtained, it is impossible to provide reference.What IS Smart Paper

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