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What is a bouffant cap?

A disposable fluffy hat is a hat whose function is to keep stray hair, water or other contaminants in.It resembles a bag with a clustered elastic opening that covers the hair and adheres to the hairline.

Traditionally, fluffy hats have been used to protect intricate hairstyles while sleeping or showering.It can also be used in the medical community and in food preparation to keep messy hair under the hat.

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Named after the bouffant or beehive hairstyle popularized by style icon Marie Antoinette and later Bridgette Bardot, the bouffant hat has been around for a long time.

Originally, it was made of a soft fabric that was tailored to the owner.More modern versions are made of plastic, mesh or polypropylene, making disposable fluffy hats a cheap and practical solution for a variety of applications.

A fluffy hat is an important beauty tool to protect your hair.Sleep at night in a fluffy hat lined with silk to protect very delicate or easily tangled hair.

This can protect special occasion hairstyles that take a lot of time and have a lot of gels and pins in place when applying makeup or make up.

A fluffy hat can also be used to prevent messy hair treatments from damaging clothing or furniture.The plastic fluffy cap covers some of the harsh chemicals, smells and fumes that come from hair coloring or perming.This prevents the toxin from being inhaled. It also prevents accidental drops from bleaching or staining the fabric.

Many other professional uses for fluffy hats exist. Fluffy caps are usually worn by doctors who need to maintain a sterile environment without risking stray hair.Fluffy hair nets are used during food preparation to prevent hair from falling into food.

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