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Today more and more people choose paper straw. And what advantage they have. Here some benefit about using paper straws.

Deruna 1

Paper straws take less time to biodegrade

We throw our waste straws into the dustbin. Then they may be buried. If they are plastic straws must pollute the environment. But paper straws are 100%biodegradable and compostable. If they enter the ocean in the end. Breaking down paper straws just need three days. But plastic can’t do. Plastic straws can take hundreds of year to fully degrade.

Deruna 2

Paper straws can be recycled  

Not all of them can be recycled. If there is no food residue and other rubbish, the paper straws can be recycled. A part of one straw can be recyclable.

Deruna 3

Paper straws have less harm for wildlife

This years, there were always news reports of animals with rubbish in their bellies. They are mostly plastic. Plastic straws to hard too destroy wildlife’s body. But paper straws can not. According to a study, paper straws will break down in 6 months. They are safer for animals.

It is wise to choose paper straws.

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