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How To Wear Disposable Net Caps Correctly?

Existing non-woven fabric disposable net caps are mostly disposable surgical caps, and the material is mostly non-woven fabric. When wearing a cap, first unfold the folded surgical cap, and then the brim of the cap needs to cover the front and back hairline and above the ears at both ends to keep the hair out leak. Surgery, check the alignment of the cap, so the disposable surgical cap and disposable surgical mask should be replaced correctly.

Wearing disposable surgical caps and surgical masks correctly is not only beautiful and safe, but also a two-way barrier to protect patients and medical staff. The types of disposable surgical caps are: stick caps, non-woven round caps, and plastic round caps. Disposable band surgical caps are often used in hospital clinics. 

The correct way to wear a disposable net caps is:

  1. Choose an appropriate size hat to completely cover the hair on the head and hairline.
  2. The edge of the hat should be tied tightly with a band or elastic band to prevent hair from falling out during the operation.
  3. The hair is long. Tie up the hair before putting on the hat, and put all the hair on the hat.
  4. Both ends of the closure piece of the disposable surgical cap must be placed on both sides of the ear, and the forehead or other positions are not allowed.
Deruna Disposable Bouffant Caps

Precautions for disposable net caps

  1. If the package is damaged or has a disposable MOP cover, do not use it.
  2. Use once and destroy after use.
  3. Polyethylene: These leavened caps are made of 3/4 mil transparent lanneless polyethylene fabric, providing waterproof barrier protection and ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, painting, electronics manufacturing and assembly. The plastic headgear is also used as a disposable shower cap on hotel premises, usually worn in hair salons.