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Traditional national culture in packaging design

     The combination of tradition and modernity, nationality and internationality is one of the important characteristics of excellent packaging design. This is also confirmed by the examples of excellent packaging design at home and abroad. packaging design

     In modern packaging design, we should not only pay attention to our national culture, but also consider the characteristics of the times and the regions to which national culture is sold, so as to design excellent packaging and printing products. packaging design

Traditional national culture in packaging design

Packaging design is a characteristic manifestation of modern social culture.

      It is not only a part of traditional culture, but also the material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thought, culture, morality, style, art, system and behavior inherited from history. National culture is an important part of traditional culture. The more local and national, the easier it is to attract people.packaging design. packaging design

      “Only the country is the world”. These ideas have gradually become a consensus in the era of world economic integration. When foreigners come to China, they want to see things with Chinese characteristics: the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing, the ancient city wall and terracotta warriors in Xi’an, and the Suzhou gardens in Suzhou. It’s the same when Chinese go abroad: Mount Fuji in Japan, the pyramids in Egypt and the Eiffel Tower in France.

     National and local characteristics are the focus of attention. If modern packaging design has national characteristics, it will be more concerned and recognized by the world. The development of packaging design abroad is related to the cultural and economic background of various countries. British packaging design pays more attention to the inheritance of British citizens’ consumption cultural tradition. Influenced by its rigorous philosophical thinking mode, German packaging design is full of the traditional characteristics of rational design. packaging design

      French packaging design presents the characteristics of the combination of design and artistic spirit. Facing the rapid economic development, Japanese packaging design integrates a large number of traditional Japanese visual factors, reflecting the sense of the times. Japanese packaging design occupies a very important position in the field of packaging design in the world

The packaging design of tea reflects China's national traditional culture

      Influenced by Chinese culture, Japan has gradually formed its own national style, which has been well reflected in its packaging design. After the Meiji restoration movement, Japan implemented the civilization policy. With the opening of the country, various foreign art schools and design trends have been fully introduced into Japan. The new art movement, Bauhaus design concept and other modern art have had a far-reaching impact on Japanese design.

      Between tradition and modernity, East and West, Japan has explored a Japanese way of modern packaging. After long-term accumulation and refinement, Japanese traditional packaging culture has reached a very concise level and formed a unique aesthetic standard. For example, for pure rice wine packaged with straw, the flexibility of straw provides necessary protection for the wine cup, showing the mellow aroma of rice wine. Ten grains of rice are carefully stored on the handle woven by two straw ropes, indicating 100% grain composition.

       In addition, posters in imitation of Song Dynasty style were pasted on the packaging grass, which increased the brewing history of yellow rice wine and integrated the whole packaging into the cultural atmosphere. There are also eggs wrapped in straw. packaging design.

     Straw not only has a strong protective effect on eggs, but also shows the freshness of eggs. It can be seen that the biggest feature of Japanese packaging design is to emphasize the importance of exploring and carrying forward the traditional design style while learning and absorbing foreign advanced design ideas.

      The coexistence of traditional design and modern design emphasizes not only national tradition, but also modern civilization. packaging design.

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