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Tips for improving printing efficiency

      Tips for improving printing efficiency.Modern cities can not do without printers, which can be described as “accompanied by day and night”. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will continue to find new skills; If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at some printing techniques below. I don’t know if you found it. Adjust the control lever to fine tune the printing effect  you may encounter the phenomenon that the printing effect of the inkjet printer will gradually decline with the increase of “service” time, especially when printing the image, the color and luster on the image will continue to darken. Why does the printer have this phenomenon? Is there any way to eliminate this phenomenon and improve the printing effect?
Tips for improving printing efficiency

Improving Printing Efficiency Printing Knowledge in Extension Cable

      Tips for improving printing efficiency.In the actual process of using the printer, sometimes in order to achieve some purpose, it is necessary to use USB print extension cable to connect the printer. Although the use of USB printing extension cable has brought us a lot of convenience, many unexpected printing faults are related to the extension cable in the actual printing process. improving printing efficiency

       For example, the most common fault is that the computer USB interface used by many users is still USB1.1 standard, while the USB expansion cable used is USB2.0 standard. In this way, error prompts are easy to appear when installing the printer, resulting in the failure of normal installation of the printer. Sometimes, even if you barely install it, the printer won’t work properly. In order to avoid unexpected failures when using the print extension cord, you’d better go to the regular seller to buy a high-quality print extension cord. For example, the diameter of the extension wire should be thick and not easy to contact; In addition, it should be noted that the USB specification of the extension cable must be the same as that connected to the printer.Tips for improving printing efficiency. improving printing efficiency

Improving Printing Efficiency Quick Installation of Shared Printer

    Tips for improving printing efficiency.As we all know, when installing a network printer in a LAN, many people complete it by “adding a printer” in the printer window, but this installation method is not efficient. In fact, you can connect to and access shared printers as normal shared folders. No, just double-click the network neighborhood icon on the desktop, double-click the computer icon connected to the shared printer from the subsequent window, select the shared printer icon in the corresponding computer window, then right-click it, execute the connect command or install command from the pop-up shortcut menu, and then, You can follow the prompts to quickly complete the installation of shared printers. improving printing efficiency.

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