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Tips for improving printing efficiency (Part 1)

      Tips for improving printing efficiency.Modern cities can not do without printers, which can be described as “accompanied by day and night”.printing efficiency 

     As long as you are willing to work hard, you will continue to find new skills; If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at some printing techniques below.printing efficiency 

     I don’t know if you found it. Adjust the control lever to fine tune the printing effect ,you may encounter the phenomenon that the printing effect of the inkjet printer will gradually decline with the increase of “service” time, especially when printing the image, the color and luster on the image will continue to darken.printing efficiency.

     Why does the printer have this phenomenon? Is there any way to eliminate this phenomenon and improve the printing effect?printing efficiency .


Tips for improving printing efficiency (Part 1)

Improving Printing Efficiency

    Tips for improving printing efficiency. In fact, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the gradual increase of the distance between the nozzle of the inkjet printer and the printing paper. As we all know, with the increase of printer working time, the mechanical transmission part inside the printer will loosen or deform. printing efficiency 

     This loosening or deformation will certainly lead to a gradual increase in the distance between the printing paper and the nozzle. Once their distance exceeds a certain range, the ink ejected from the nozzle will not be evenly absorbed by the printing paper. In this way, the actual printing effect looks blurred and the color is not very bright. printing efficiency 

     Therefore, by moving the adjusting rod on the left side of the inkjet printer to reduce the distance between the printer nozzle and the surface of the printing paper, the printing effect can be effectively improved, and the printed text and image can be as clear as before. Of course, by changing the direction of the adjustment lever, you cannot restore the printing effect to the previous state in one step, which requires you to take time to fine tune.printing efficiency 

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