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The Origin of the Name Doilies

You have learned that a doily is a unique piece of paper used to decorate tables and other surfaces at home, usually under a bowl. If your child’s birthday dinner spread does not have a festive look, you can use a few paper doilies to dress it up.

While some doilies have a lace-like material, others, such as paper doilies, are cut in a way that resembles lace. You may see doilies underneath a meal, such as a cake. You can also see it separating a bowl of fruit from its saucer.

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The history of doilies and their origin

Doily originated from the name of a dry goods dealer who lived in London. It was used to describe an adjective suiting a fabric. Then it was coined into a napkin in the long run. Having been around for decades, people used lace doilies on hair.

How doilies were used

Most doilies were referred to as antimacassars. Their use would later move into the actual realm of extensive decoration. Women would then use needling skills to attempt to show just how capable they were to be wives. For a reason well known to the generation, idle hands would constantly be frowned upon.

Why are they called doilies?

BBC magazine states that doily’s Homes and Antiques originated from merchants who manufactured napkins in the 19th century. From then onward, the doily became a small napkin useful in desserts. It then evolved over the years. People began to use them for tabletop protection from various scratches coupled with wet glass damage.


Today, many people treat their all-wood furniture as if it is encased in some form of plastic. People with antiques know that this is not achievable today. And of course, if you are a lover of doilies, you would then like to incorporate light colors into your living room. That should help to break the monotonous dark theme of antique furniture.

Crotchet patterns

When looking for a crotchet doily pattern, you need to realize that several other patterns are known as crotchet mandalas. That is around a crotchet pattern with a similar look to the doily. One remarkable difference between the two is that the mandala is a Sanskrit that looks like a discoid object. It has a geometry design that is symbolic of two primary cultures: Hinduism and Buddhism.

Although the two are the same thing, a mandala is culturally oriented. However, it is also a doily pattern, and you can always pick it from the market. In practical terms, it is a doily. The round crotchet circle is used for home décor too.

Final Thoughts

The doilies continue to conjure various images of musty homes with covered lamps and vases. But if you a lover of antiques, you would not mind collecting doilies as it would be a pleasant dream. Doilies continue to play a vital role in history. As part of the crocheting world, there are various viewpoints you need to understand based on the origin of a doily.

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