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Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

        Carton shockproof packaging, also known as buffer packaging, plays an important role in various packaging methods. Once the product is produced and put into use, it will go through a series of transportation, storage, stacking, loading and unloading processes and be placed in different environments.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

       In any environment, it will effectively act on the product and cause mechanical damage to the product. In order to prevent the product from being damaged, we should try to reduce the influence of external forces.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

         The so-called shockproof packaging refers to the packaging with certain protective measures taken to slow down the impact and vibration of the contents and protect them from damage. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

      The common cushioning packaging materials include foam plastic, honeycomb paperboard, pulp molding, corrugated cardboard, paper type, air cushion type and plant fiber packaging cushioning material.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

          Due to modern packaging; Many Chinese materials are disposable. Many countries and regions have made high regulations on environmental protection, which has promoted the further development of green cushioning packaging.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

         There are also many green packaging materials, such as shredded paper, wrinkled paper, corrugated board, pulp molding, degradable plastics, honeycomb board and so on. How to use shockproof technology for packaging products with shockproof requirements in carton structure design? Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

       Main requirements of customers when conducting research on customers, we will always encounter products of different shapes, including high weight single products such as auto parts, as well as fragile items such as glass products. Customers’ requirements are also different, and their main requirements are as follows:Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

          Single sided corrugated paper: when packaging glass products, it is a kind of packaging paper widely used. When used together with carton corner protector, the shockproof effect is more remarkable. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

       Using the ductility of single-sided corrugated paper, it is suitable for the packaging of cylindrical glass products. When selecting single-sided corrugated paper for product protection,Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

        different corrugated types can be adopted according to different product weight, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by resonance to the product. Suspended packaging carton: Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

        for this kind of packaging, it can be made of carton with corner protector, or it can be completely made of corrugated cardboard. Because of its unique structural design, this kind of carton can make the product get a similar suspended space in the carton, which can effectively deal with the damage caused by the product in the transportation environment. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

      This kind of carton can be used not only as the transportation packaging of carton, but also as the sales packaging of carton. Because of its high cost, it is suitable for the packaging of products with high added value. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design


Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

       In the structural design of carton, no matter which kind of carton shockproof method is adopted, the six steps of carton structural design must be followed. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

      That is, conduct comprehensive research on customers and master the logistics and storage and transportation environment; Appropriate materials and protection types shall be adopted in the design, etc. Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

        After the design is completed, it is necessary to carry out tests such as resonance, drop and compression resistance on the sample box, simulate and calculate the environmental hazards of the product during storage and transportation, and check whether the product can be effectively protected.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

       We should not only effectively protect the products, but also prevent excessive packaging of the products. Also consider the cost in the design.Shockproof Process Of Corrugated Box Design

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