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Several key reasons for excess packaging

Several key reasons for excess packaging

      With the reform of China’s economic system, consumers’ purchasing power is increasing day by day. Packaging and printing design can bring economic added value to products. This significant role is more and more recognized and valued by businesses. excess packaging.

     However, due to the non-standard operation in packaging design, the problem of excessive product packaging has become increasingly serious in recent years.

Several key reasons for excess packaging

Due to the excessive design of product packaging strength, there is excess packaging.

     Protection function is the most basic function of packaging. A commodity can only enter shopping malls or other trading places after many times of circulation, and finally reach consumers.

    During this period, the packaging strength is required to protect the contents from various external destructive forces during storage, stacking, transportation and handling. Several key reasons for excess packaging

     In addition to the well-known pressure, impact force and vibration force, there are many related factors to be considered for packaging strength, such as transportation mode (such as automobile, aircraft and ship), stacking form (such as multi-layer stacking and cross stacking), environmental factors (such as climate and sanitary environment), biological factors (such as bite and excretion of rodents and various insects) and chemical factors (e.g. salt spray and seawater erosion).

     As a packaging designer, before starting the overall packaging design, we should first solve the problem of packaging strength caused by packaging structure and materials, so as to ensure the safety of goods in the circulation process, rather than simple packaging decoration design.  Several key reasons for excess packaging

       However, if we blindly require packaging strength without considering the factors of the product itself, the product packaging strength will be too high, resulting in the increase of packaging cost Plus. In today’s society, cost, as an influential factor, affects the nerves of businesses. Designers should carefully consider how to save cost. excess packaging.

      Assuming that ordinary cotton towels have pressure resistance and impact resistance, if they are packaged in plastic boxes or even iron boxes, they belong to excess packaging with excessive packaging strength design. In order to improve the grade of goods, developed countries are particularly interested Highlight the problem of excess packaging strength caused by improper packaging structure and materials; according to the survey results of Japan, the excess packaging strength in developed countries is about 20%.

      When manufacturing enterprises enter the era of low profit with fierce competition, reducing packaging cost has become one of the important sources for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage. Solving the problem of excessive product packaging strength design can not only reduce production cost, save resources, green and environmental protection spirit, and reduce waste.

The product packaging volume is too large and the packaging is excessive.

    The problem of excess packaging caused by excessive packaging volume is more common in China.Several key reasons for excess packaging

    For example, there are some tea packages, 2 packs of 15g wrapped tea, and a square box with more than one square feet. There is a refined wooden box with a layer of foam plastic on it, and yellow Satin on it. There are two beautifully printed and iron cans on silk. Open the tin. There is a vacuum bag. There is tea in the bag. This kind of packaging not only causes waste in materials, but also causes surplus in packaging strength.

      Moreover, due to the huge difference between the outer box volume and the actual volume of the product, it induces consumers to consume wrongly, which should be packaging fraud.In order to ensure the safety of small but high-value goods, it is necessary for manufacturers to increase the volume of packaging boxes and add cushioning materials such as lining structure or sponge to enhance impact resistance and compression resistance.excess packaging

     However, with the transportation and consumption of goods, packaging will gradually lose its various functions, and most packaging will become waste and the main source of environmental pollution. This situation is even worse for products with low value but large volume.

    According to data, the amount of packaging waste in China constitutes more than 30% of urban waste. In mega cities like Shanghai, the annual cost of packaging waste treatment is as high as more than 1 billion.

    The excessive volume of packaging not only wastes a lot of resources, but also deceives consumers, especially the local specialties sold in some tourist attractions.excess packaging

     The volume is too large, the packaging is false and almost crazy, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. In the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries, relevant laws and regulations clearly stipulate that the packaging volume of commodities shall not exceed 30% of commodities, and the spacing between commodities shall not exceed 1 cm.Several key reasons for excess packaging

    The violator belongs to packaging fraud, and the consumer has the right to claim against the enterprise.excess packagin

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