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Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

      With the reform of China’s economic system, consumers’ purchasing power is increasing day by day. Packaging and printing design can bring economic added value to products. This significant role is more and more recognized and valued by businesses. 

      However, due to the non-standard operation in packaging design, the problem of excessive product packaging has become increasingly serious in recent years. Whether product packaging is surplus or not depends not only on the gorgeous degree of packaging.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

Several key rSolution to the problem of matte hardening of carbon paper

Three aspects need to be considered in the selection of product packaging materials:

(1) We must ensure that the packaged products can finally reach consumers with perfect quality through all links of circulation and sales;

(2) It must meet the requirements of packaging cost and be economically feasible;

(3) Take into account the economic interests of manufacturers, transportation and sales departments and consumers.

     At the same time, the packaging materials shall ensure that the internal materials can effectively extend the shelf life and promote sales. There are also great differences in the types, properties and values of packaging materials. Regardless of the value and nature of interior materials, individual production enterprises use relatively high-grade packaging materials to make packaging, so as to increase the added value of goods, and use the delicacy of packaging to affect consumers’ psychology, so that consumers think delicacy is a good thing, which is a kind of abnormal development.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

     Because packaging has the factors of promotion, beautification and inducing consumers to have consumption desire, some enterprises not only do not reduce the cost of packaging materials, but also improve the grade of packaging materials and increase sales profits; Moreover, businesses will pass on the increased production costs to consumers, increasing the burden on consumers, resulting in the disadvantages of buying goods, which is actually buying packaging.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

     According to the regulations of the Design Committee of China Packaging Federation on the evaluation of excellent packaging design, the material cost of gift packaging accounts for less than 30% of the product production cost, and the material cost of low-grade or ordinary packaging accounts for less than 3% of the product production cost, which also indicates the basic basis for excess packaging. As a populous country, China’s shortage of resources is becoming more and more serious. Blindly pursuing high-cost packaging materials will only cause a lot of waste of resources, which does not meet the requirements of the sustainable development of the national economy.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

    To sum up, the problem of domestic packaging surplus is briefly analyzed. Due to the late start of modern packaging design in China, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect and do not comply with the development law of market economy. In order to make China’s Packaging International, standardized and scientific as soon as possible, we must have an overall development plan and perfect relevant laws and regulations, and establish the correct development direction of modern packaging design.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

     At present, Australia, Japan and other countries are actively carrying out campaigns to simplify packaging, save resources and protect the environment, calling on enterprises to cooperate with consumers to reduce unnecessary packaging and minimize packaging. Advocating circular economy and waste utilization, that is, an economic growth model with efficient utilization and recycling of resources as the core, reduction, reuse and recycling as the principle and in line with the concept of sustainable development, is a fundamental change in the traditional model of large-scale production, large-scale consumption and large-scale abandonment.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

      Only by adhering to the combination of the role of market economy mechanism and government macro-control, management according to law and policy incentives, government promotion and social participation, and taking the development of circular economy as the main body, can we fundamentally prevent the packaging surplus in the packaging industry.Several key reasons for excess packaging(2)

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