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Relationship between commodity packaging and users' life

      After entering the cultural era, paper products have ushered in leaps again and again, and commodity packaging and printing has quietly entered people’s life since the beginning of commodity trading. Commodity packaging is the product of the common development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. With the improvement of people’s living standards, it reflects its important value and changes its functional focus.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life.

     In other words, in addition to protecting commodities and facilitating transportation and storage, it is more important to promote the sales of commodities and meet people’s aesthetic needs. Therefore, the first function of commodity packaging is to promote sales. Only by promoting sales can product manufacturers and operators find their own market.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life.

Relationship between commodity packaging and users' life

      In order to better understand the function, function and purpose of commodity packaging, we must investigate the relationship between commodity packaging and public life, and further enter packaging, market and packaging design.

      How does the relationship between commodity packaging and people’s life make people’s life convenient? How to beautify people’s life and meet people’s spiritual needs? How to activate the market and the economy? How to promote economic and social development and promote the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization? Only by understanding these can we understand how important packaging is in people’s life.

1、 How to make commodity packaging convenient for people’s life.

      In the ocean where we live, we collect a few waves at will, and it is not difficult to find out how commodity packaging is convenient for people’s life.

Phenomenon 1: firewood, rice, oil and salt are commodities recently pasted on people’s life. They can’t live without it three meals a day. These goods enter the family from the market, and everything is packaged. Without packaging, it’s inconvenient to hold it, and the sales in the store are also inconvenient.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life。

       Phenomenon 2: in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, it is more closely related to people’s life. Meat, noodles and vegetables come and go from the food market. They are packaged in size. The simplest plastic bag is also a kind of packaging. The clothes you wear, not to mention the house you live in, should also be decorated.

     Phenomenon 3: looking at department stores, from thousands of electrical appliances to watches, from a bottle of cosmetics to no packaging, especially food, the most common cigarettes, wine and packaging are more beautiful.

2、 How does commodity packaging beautify people’s life and meet people’s spiritual needs.

      The beautification of commodity packaging is actually “decorating” people’s life. In department stores, from counters to shelves, from food to cosmetics, can give people beautiful decoration and beautiful joy. The most obvious performance is children’s products and women’s products. These free commodity packages have high aesthetic value. Some are works of art with infinite rhyme. From different occasions, different environments, different seasons, different directions, close to people’s life, beautify people’s life, bring infinite fun to people’s life and meet people’s spiritual needs.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life.

     In people’s life, there are generally three areas of needs. The first is to meet people’s basic needs for food and clothing, the second is to meet people’s spiritual needs after food and clothing, and the third is another forgotten release demand beyond this material and spirit. It is also the highest realm of detachment and indifference as the saying goes.

     However, what is more realistic is that this spiritual demand, the improvement of people’s demand standards and the overall improvement of national culture, will be sublimated on the scale of people’s aesthetic standards. Therefore, the pursuit of pleasing consumers and satisfying consumers’ aesthetic, beauty loving and yearning for beauty is accelerating.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life.

     In order to meet people’s psychological needs for beauty, manufacturers and operators also form a more beautiful image in commodity packaging, so that consumers fall in love at first sight and can’t leave, from vision to appreciation, from love to love, and finally achieve the ultimate goal of satisfying psychology. The packaging value of this commodity has been realized.Relationship between commodity packaging and users’ life.

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