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Problems needing attention in screen drying

        In the packaging and printing industry, screen printing operators know that a clean and tidy environment is very important for plate making. A clean and tidy environment can prevent many quality problems.

     Because the dust and oil stains in the environment adhere to the surface of the photosensitive adhesive layer, they will form pinholes on the screen, affect the printing quality, and then lead to the decline of production and quality.Problems needing attention in screen drying.

Problems needing attention in screen drying

      Relatively speaking, the cleanliness of the oven is also very important, but this is often ignored. While expanding the scope of consumption, some small and medium-sized enterprises also change the drying equipment from hair dryer to oven.Problems needing attention in screen drying

    However, due to the lack of effective management, they will put warm cloth and some sundries into the oven to stop boring together with the screen, and neglect the hygiene and cleaning of the oven, unknowingly burying hidden dangers of quality.Problems needing attention in screen drying.

       Secondly, when the screen coated with good photoresist is put into the oven, the temperature should not be too high and the drying time should not be too long.Problems needing attention in screen drying

      Because the temperature transition is too high, the photosensitive adhesive will have a thermal adhesive reaction; Too long boring time will affect the normal operation of exposure, resulting in poor screen development after printing, resulting in screen scrap. Therefore, under normal conditions, the temperature of the oven should be controlled between 30-45 ℃.

       In order to shorten the drying time, some desiccant can be put in the oven. In addition, the drying temperature of the screen also affects the water content of the screen, which has a great impact on the printing resistance of the screen, especially when the air is dry, it is easy to produce static electricity; However, for special printing requirements, the screen with thick photosensitive adhesive should appropriately prolong the boring time of the screen.

     In addition, some screen plates will appear degumming after drying in the oven or during printing operation, which is formed due to the uneven and incomplete dryness of the screen plate caused by the residual water between the tape used for stretching the screen and the screen frame. Therefore, a newly stretched screen printing plate is saved and the tape pasting is stopped during the revision operation.Problems needing attention in screen drying

       In short, as long as you always care and be careful everywhere, you can not only produce qualified screen printing plates, but also consume good screen printing products!Problems needing attention in screen drying.

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