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Printing Of Stationery Box

       The packaging and printing industry has always been regarded as a traditional processing service industry. When most people mention printing, they first think of books, magazines or packaging products. But today. The printing industry is no longer limited to these traditional areas. In recent years, a large number of popular printed products such as children’s toy books, three-dimensional books and toy paper products abroad have become a new field of printing industry. For example, kokuyo, a Japanese stationery company, has developed a series of stationery boxes for young people in the office. Printing Of Stationery Box

      The idea is ingenious. Once launched, it has been popular in the market and once ran out of stock in the Japanese market. This kind of product has a beautiful appearance. And personality. Many products are printed with popular cartoon images. Especially popular. Attracted the attention of office people. Replaced the original more ordinary office stationery. This new product is both practical and beautiful. Broaden the original consumer base. Young people become the main consumers. A new market has been formed.Printing Of Stationery Box

Printing Of Stationery Box

      The following is a brief introduction to the printing of such stationery boxes, including relevant materials, processing flow and quality requirements.Printing Of Stationery Box

Material and structural characteristics

      This kind of stationery box is generally made of F-type fine corrugated board and white cardboard. To decorate and beautify stationery boxes and improve commodity value.

      Generally, the face paper of corrugated board needs to be dyed. The color depends on the overall effect of the stationery box, and most of them choose large-scale field dyeing. The stationery box paper needs color offset printing. And apply Matt oil. Therefore, in terms of materials, it is not much different from ordinary packaging materials, but the decoration method is slightly different. For convenience of use. Such products adopt the structure of self-locking bottom box.Printing Of Stationery Box

      It is also a common box type for ordinary packaging. There is no need to seal the bottom of the box. Users can expand it to use. This is the main feature of this kind of stationery box.Printing Of Stationery Box

quality requirement

      Because such products are different from ordinary products, packaging only plays a role in protection and promotion. It will not be discarded in the short term. And the stationery box itself is a product. Therefore, its quality requirements are naturally higher.Printing Of Stationery Box

The quality requirements of paper stationery boxes can be summarized into the following aspects.Printing Of Stationery Box

(1) The printing surface shall not have common printing defects such as ink spots and miscellaneous spots (Japanese products require zero defects).Printing Of Stationery Box

(2) The box body shall be firm, and there shall be no degumming at the bonding position. Because the surface is polished or coated. Therefore, the selection of adhesive for paste box is very important. Before selection, corresponding firmness and durability tests shall be carried out to meet the requirements of users for long-term use.Printing Of Stationery Box

(3) High requirements for film covering quality. Because the product is sold by folding.

     Some need to be folded and packaged in transparent plastic bags, which are sold in transparent plastic bags. Therefore, it is required that the creased parts do not blister within a certain period of time. In addition to the selection of adhesive for film coating and the control of film coating process, the selection of indentation steel wire and improper indentation pressure are also the reasons for foaming. The control of printing powder spraying amount is also very important. Therefore, the manufacturer should select the corresponding production auxiliary materials and production parameters according to the specific process.Printing Of Stationery Box

(4) Touch cut version requirements. As long as the edges that can be touched should be opened into a circular arc as far as possible to avoid hurting hands during use, and pay attention to the rounding of the knife edge at the corner where there is a corner, so as to eliminate the angle explosion after folding, so as not to affect the appearance of the stationery box.

(5) It can meet the requirements of stability after forming. Because there is a certain service time after forming, it is very important to have a stable structure. Some buckles can be designed at the bottom of the lock. Make it no longer rebound after self-locking, and strengthen the stability of the box.

(6) The strength of corrugated board surface paper and lining paper is very important. If the paper is poor, there will be more wool and uneven dyeing, or the box pasting position will crack during the molding process. Even if the adhesive box pasting process is selected correctly, if the paper is poor and the strength is not enough, the box body will crack.

     Investment enlightenmentPrinting Of Stationery Box

      In terms of materials and workmanship. Such products are familiar to today’s packaging printers, and there is no need to add equipment. As long as some corresponding auxiliary fixtures are added according to the product characteristics, this can not only ensure the quality, but also speed up the production efficiency and make the original equipment play a greater role.Printing Of Stationery Box

      On the other hand, we should see that the emergence and hot sales of such stationery boxes have contributed to the novel design and creativity. It is precisely because of this novel creativity that there are new market selling points. Therefore, before preparing to change production, the reserve of design power is equally important, which is what the Indian l stripping practitioners must think and learn, I believe that through the efforts of printing, our printing industry will be a new printing industry!Printing Of Stationery Box.

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