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Printing adaptability of ink cleaner

    In the packaging and printing industry, although the amount of auxiliary equipment is small in printing, it is a part of printing equipment that has a great impact on printing quality and stability, such as printing cots, blanket, stream plate solution and ink cleaner.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

Printing adaptability of ink cleaner(2)

Generally speaking, the technical indicators for measuring high-quality ink cleaning agents mainly include:

1. Fragrance free

    Aromatic compounds have strong cleaning ability for ink, but aromatic compounds have many adverse effects on printing, so new ink cleaners should not contain aromatic compounds.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.Aromatics will cause rubber expansion, affect printing pressure, and easily cause printing quality problems.Does not comply with environmental standards and human health standards.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner

2. It has the characteristics of high flash point

    At present, the flash point of high-quality ink cleaner in the world is above 55 ℃. In the cleaning process of thermosetting ink, the flash point of cleaner is above 100 ℃. The flash point of the detergent must be higher than the minimum temperature of the printing channel and meet the site safety standards. 

     The flash point of the detergent in ordinary printing must be above 55 ℃, and the flash point of the detergent in ultraviolet ink printing must be above 70 ℃.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

Characteristics of high quality ink cleaner

    In terms of printability, high-quality ink cleaning agents have the following performance.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

    (1) It meets the requirements of environmental protection and health, does not contain aromatic compounds, and the flash point is higher than 55 ℃.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

    (2)The ink has good cleaning ability, and the cleanliness of organic and inorganic compounds reaches more than 95%.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

     (3)The roller and rubber cloth have good adaptability, and the expansion rate shall not exceed 2%.Printing adaptability of ink cleanerIt has no corrosive effect on the printing plate and printing press.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.Printing adaptability of ink cleanerThe main component of auxiliary detergent shall be vegetable oil. Printing adaptability of ink cleanerPrinting adaptability of ink cleaner2

Auxiliary cleaning of ink roller

    In the printing process, due to the influence of external conditions such as paper, ink and water quality, the cleaning effect of ink, the chemical adaptability of printing roller and the deformation of chemical factors are more and more affected.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

    In modern printing, while using ink cleaning agent, we also use some chemical maintenance products for auxiliary cleaning to ensure the complete removal of impurities on the cots and finally achieve the purpose of smooth printing. These auxiliary cleaning mainly include deep cleaning, enamel removal, rubber reduction, idle protection, dead ink softening, etc.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

1. Deep cleaning

    It is mainly carried out when the printing unit changes color, the ink roller is cleaned and maintained, and the spot color ink is printed, which can significantly shorten the shutdown time and reduce the number of paper.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

2. Calcium removal

    The water quality provided to the fountain system of lithographic press in different regions is different, the calcium carbonate and other minerals contained in it are also different, and the hardness of water is also different. Under normal circumstances, the roller adsorbs calcium carbonate and other minerals, which reduces the ability of the roller surface to transmit ink, and calcium needs to be removed.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

3. Idling protection

      When the contact surface of the ink roller rotates without ink lubrication, it will cause permanent damage to the surface of the ink roller in a very short time. Therefore, special chemical maintenance products need to be used when the ink roller idles to prevent surface damage or excessive high temperature caused by the idling of the ink roller.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

4. Clean and restore regularly.

      Long time printing will cause stubborn hard ink and other impurities in the rubber, resulting in the glaze and hardness of the rubber roller surface. Therefore, the rubber must be thoroughly cleaned and elastic restored regularly.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.Due to the accumulation of time, the residual substances formed on the rubber surface must be cleaned.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

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