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Printing adaptability of ink cleaner

     In the packaging and printing industry, although the amount of auxiliary equipment is small in printing, it is a part of printing equipment that has a great impact on printing quality and stability, such as printing cots, blanket, stream plate solution and ink cleaner.

Printing adaptability of ink cleaner

    At present, many domestic printing enterprises only consider the immediate absolute cost and still use gasoline or kerosene to clean the ink. This process has obviously affected the social and production benefits of the printing industry, which must be changed. In addition, in terms of drum maintenance, many manufacturers are promoting this market.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

     Now many printing plants, especially in coastal areas, pay more and more attention to the important role of printing effect. Therefore, high-quality ink detergent has broad development space. Cleaning principle of ink cleaner with the improvement of people’s requirements for printing quality, ink cleaner, which is easy to be ignored as a printing auxiliary equipment, has a greater and greater impact on printing.

     Many quality problems in printing are caused directly or indirectly by ink detergents, such as cot water, low ink performance, cot deformation, insufficient field density, flat screen blooming, etc. most of them are caused by improper use of detergents, which affect the printing quality and improve the printing stop time.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

     In the process of cleaning ink, use the emulsification principle and use high-quality ink cleaner and water for cleaning. Detergent can dissolve oil-soluble substances, water can dissolve water-soluble substances, form the form of oil in water and oil in water, complete the washing of impurities on the surface of printing roller, and can clean most oil-soluble and water-soluble substances. However, each cleaning can not completely remove the impurities on the roll surface. The impurities always left on the roll surface must be distinguished according to the nature of the ink. Printing gold and silver and other characteristic inks, cleaning is very difficult.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

Composition of ink cleaning agent.

1. Hydrocarbons

    In the detergent, the content of hydrocarbons is more than 50%, and hydrocarbons are divided into aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons according to different molecular structures.

      They have the following characteristics:

    (1) Aliphatic hydrocarbons: the chain structure containing carbon molecules in the molecule, which has a good solubility in ink, can not be dissolved in water, and is not harmful to rubber, human body and the environment.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

    (2) Aromatic hydrocarbons: the circular chain structure containing carbon molecules in the molecule has a good dissolving effect on the ink, but it will cause the expansion of rubber polymer and have adverse effects on the human nervous system. Long term use may lead to cancer.

2. Emulsifier

     Ink detergent must contain emulsifier. The general flash point detergent that promotes the mixing of oil and water and plays the role of emulsification will not leave chemical crystals on the roller and rubber cloth containing emulsifier.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

3. Corrosion inhibitor

    Since detergent needs to be cleaned with water, anti-corrosion agent can prevent water corrosion.

    High quality ink cleaners are generally composed of two organic solvents with different boiling points, rubber anti-aging agent and stable water in oil emulsion surfactant.Printing adaptability of ink cleaner.

    Technical specifications of ink cleaning agent.

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