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Preparation method of ink

    In the packaging and printing industry, ink is a uniform mixture composed of colored body (pigment), connecting materials, additional materials and other materials. It can be printed and dried on the printing materials, and has a certain flow slurry adhesive. Pigments are used to form colors; The connecting material is used to provide viscosity; Additional materials can increase the fluidity of the ink, dilute the ink, reduce the viscosity of the ink, accelerate the drying reaction of the oxidant, and provide wear resistance and luster.Preparation method of ink

Preparation method of ink

     Any color has three characteristics: hue, lightness and saturation. Therefore, the above three factors must be considered in the process of color matching. When selecting ink, the gloss, hue, coloring power and hiding power of the ink itself should be considered. In the process of ink color matching, the ink used shall be determined according to the actual printing process, ink layer thickness and printing substrate.Preparation method of ink

The details are as follows:

     When observing and analyzing the hue of the original and product, it is best to observe under the standard light source;

     Observe the printing substrate. As far as our company is concerned, there are mainly laser paper and white cardboard. Products printed on laser paper are often determined by ink and paper background color, so most of them choose products with high transparency.

    Ink, the color of the product printed on white cardboard is determined by the ink;

    Ink, the product printed on white cardboard, the color is determined by the ink,Analyze the hue of the original. After the substrate is, the ink can be prepared. When mixing ink, according to the analysis, roughly determine which ink is needed, such as mixing green, yellow and blue. If the color draft is green and yellow, the ink is mainly yellow ink and a little blue. In addition, there are several kinds of red ink. Yellow ink. When using blue ink, you should also consider which ink can best restore the hue of the original;

     When selecting the ink required for color matching, try to avoid mixing too much ink, and try to use ink close to standard color and single pigment. If too much color ink is used for color matching, the worse the brightness, the higher the matte degree of the mixed color. Therefore, you can mix two colors without three. The less, the better;pay special attention to the coloring power of ink. If the selected ink concentration is not high enough, it cannot reach the standard color concentration no matter how it is prepared;Preparation method of ink

      When white and black inks need to be added, special attention should be paid to the added weight in all inks. White ink has the strongest hiding power. Adding too much will not only weaken the color, but also prevent the reflection of the substrate. Because the coloring power of black ink is very strong, if you are careless and add too much, you need to add a considerable number of other color inks to adjust the color, which will cause waste, so you should pay special attention.

      When diluting the ink, it should be mainly white, and a little color ink should be added to the white ink. When the hue is too deep, white ink or ink blending oil (diluent) should be added. Too much solvent will not only affect the printing performance, but also damage the ink structure, resulting in the separation of pigment and resin oil.Preparation method of ink.

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