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Packaging design and national culture

     The combination of tradition and modernity, nationality and internationality is one of the important characteristics of excellent packaging design. This is also confirmed by the examples of excellent packaging design at home and abroad.Packaging design

       In modern packaging design, we should not only pay attention to our national culture, but also consider the characteristics of the times and the regions to which national culture is sold, so as to design excellent packaging and printing products.Packaging design

Packaging design

China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea trees in the world.

    Tea contains the essence of heaven and earth, enabling people to relax in a complex world. Therefore, it is deeply loved by scholars and writers, and often expressed in the form of painting, poetry, songs and Fu. Wen Huiming wrote a picture of tea tasting. Su Dongpo left a famous book “always good tea is like a beautiful woman”.Packaging design

      Zheng Banqiao also lamented that “celebrities can always evaluate water, and eminent monks have loved tea since ancient times”. It can be seen that tea, as a special commodity, its packaging design should reflect its cultural characteristics. Many excellent tea packaging designs make full use of the splendid cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, Chinese painting, such as the packaging of “Wenshan tea garden”, whose graphics are similar to the freehand brushwork of Chinese painting, that is, taking the continuous tea mountains in Wenshan area as the material, they are too simple to be simple, but they are wonderful, vivid and natural. Tea culture and Chinese characters are inseparable. Therefore, it is appropriate to use calligraphy font as the visual element of tea packaging design.Packaging design

     For example, Lipton black tea, one of the newly launched tea packaging series, is Chinese flavor tea. In order to fully reflect Lipton’s international image and prevent Lipton from feeling incompatible with Chinese tea, it is specially regarded as the sub brand name “tea leisure”, and its name is written with a brush. It has Oriental flavor and is deeply loved by the people of the East and the West.Packaging design.

Modern packaging design

      Modern packaging design – the development of China’s 5000 year civilization, whether palace art or folk art, has accumulated a large number of art forms through the creative practice of painters, artists, craftsmen and people of previous dynasties. After a long historical development, Chinese national culture and art has gradually formed various graphics and patterns with typical cultural connotation, reflecting the life concept and aesthetic taste of the whole nation. It is a great heritage left to us by history.Packaging design.

      The elements of Chinese folk traditional culture include calligraphy, such as regular script, official script, cursive script, etc; New Year paintings, such as Tianjin willow youth paintings, Suzhou Taohuawu New Year paintings, etc; Other art forms, such as carving, batik and tie dyeing, are the source of modern packaging design, which can help us design packaging with Chinese characteristics.Packaging design

      With the increasingly frequent international exchanges, the interaction of politics, economy and culture is becoming stronger and stronger, and packaging design also affects each other in design ideas and design methods. Therefore, the perfect design should not only have the traditional characteristics, but also pay attention to the sense of the. times.Packaging design.

     China’s entry into WTO also marks that a large number of Chinese products will go to the international market, which requires that our packaging design should not only maintain the national traditional characteristics and personality, but also conform to the aesthetic psychology of different countries and nations. Therefore, in the practical application of these traditional folk elements, we should not be satisfied with simple reproduction, but should learn and absorb their expression methods and modeling characteristics, combine the characteristics of commodities and integrate into the modern atmosphere, so that the design has both national characteristics and a sense of the times.Packaging design.

      Therefore, for today’s China’s packaging design, we should keep pace with the times, strengthen international exchanges, extract the essence, remove the dross, and move towards the world with a broader mind. Make the past serve the present, make foreign things serve China, face consumers with a new attitude, and design packaging works with both profound cultural heritage and distinctive flavor of the times.Packaging design.

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