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Marketing In Product Packaging

      When washing in the morning, the toothpaste cap suddenly fell to the floor and even fell into the ditch of the sewer; When you follow the instructions and try to open the lid of the lunch meat can, you often give up halfway; When you pack some bags of food, sometimes you find that the food has deteriorated due to poor sealing;  Marketing In Product Packaging

     When you have to turn the bottle upside down for a few minutes to use up the last drop of shampoo, do you realize that these trivial things are caused by improper packaging  Marketing In Product Packaging

Marketing In Product Packaging

       Although the matter is small, the inconvenience it brings is obvious. The definition of packaging in traditional market theory is to put goods in a certain container or package. Marketing In Product Packaging

     Today, the function of packaging is no longer simple accommodation and protection, it has a very rich content.Marketing In Product Packaging

        First of all, packaging should ensure the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of products and prevent the loss, deformity, deterioration and damage of products, which is the most basic function of packaging. Marketing In Product Packaging

       Secondly, it has the functions of advertising and sales promotion. Customers can understand products through packaging, so as to stimulate purchase motivation. Finally, good packaging should maximize the efficacy of products and reduce product losses.Marketing In Product Packaging

        It can be seen that the role of packaging can not be underestimated. At present, in the case of extremely fierce competition in the same industry, if we do not pay attention to packaging, it is tantamount to cutting ourselves off from consumers and pushing products to our competitors.Marketing In Product Packaging

       Although Chinese consumers do not have a strong sense of self-protection, most of them will not quarrel with manufacturers over packaging problems. Marketing In Product Packaging

       However, in the long run, the negative impact caused by rough and poor packaging is extremely harmful to the products. When consumers buy this product in the future, they will be extra careful and even turn their attention to similar products of other brands. On the contrary, if you work hard at this subtle point and really think of the customer, it will have an extraordinary effect.Marketing In Product Packaging

       In this regard, Coca Cola can be said to be a model. As a popular beverage, Coca Cola has few varieties. It is liked by people at all levels. One of the secrets of success is that the product packaging used by different consumers is also different. The previous glass bottle packaging has its fatal weakness: Marketing In Product Packaging

       the price is single, which does not meet the consumption psychology of people at all levels; Inconvenient to carry and easy to break. In order to win more consumers at all levels, Coca Cola company changed the previous single packaging form: Marketing In Product Packaging

     low-income consumers can buy Coca Cola in 1.25 liter plastic bottles, which has the characteristics of low cost and storage resistance; High income consumers can choose the can type, which has the advantages of convenient carrying and in line with fashion; Marketing In Product Packaging

       For scattered consumers, Coca Cola company also prepared bulk Coca Cola. In addition, for different tastes of male and female consumers, the company launched Sprite, Fanta and other drinks. The most valuable are the red of coke, the green of Sprite and the orange of Fanta, which give people an excellent visual effect and are very in line with the characteristics of the product itself. Rich and diverse packaging forms meet different needs from all aspects, and the market share will naturally increase.Marketing In Product Packaging

       Modern marketing theory takes consumers as the center, and any marketing behavior is carried out around consumers. The same is true of packaging. Different packaging forms should be designed for different consumers. Marketing In Product Packaging

      Coca Cola has achieved great success because it has focused on the psychological characteristics, social psychological characteristics and taste characteristics of different consumers and made great efforts in packaging.Marketing In Product Packaging

      However, it is very difficult to change the inappropriate packaging. The biggest obstacle is the high cost, which may be the main reason why many manufacturers are unwilling to change their packaging. Marketing In Product Packaging

     The previous packaging should be redesigned, the mechanical equipment used for packaging should be changed accordingly, and the packaging materials will also change due to different packaging forms, which will increase the cost.Marketing In Product Packaging

       Many manufacturers believe that the increase of cost will inevitably lead to the increase of price, which will eventually lead to the decline of competitiveness. This is a pessimistic attitude. The increase of cost should be carefully confirmed: whether it is an effective promotion of increase or an ineffective inhibition of increase. Marketing In Product Packaging

      If the cost of new packaging can greatly promote the marketing of products, this increase in cost is an effective increase. Just like Coca Cola’s can. Although the packaging cost is high, the increase in sales naturally reduces the cost because it is loved by consumers and even becomes a fashion. Marketing In Product Packaging

      Therefore, there is no need to refuse the increase of cost, and a positive and optimistic attitude should be taken.Marketing In Product Packaging

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